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Coupa Success Portal

Merging Multiple CSP Accounts


Sometimes, your company may have more than one account/profile on the portal. This can happen when several users from the same company sign up for, or are invited to, the portal via different email addresses.

How It Works

Coupa suggests merges based on email domain. For example, all users with the domain will get suggestions to merge. Suggestions appear in a right-hand column on home page:

Merging Accounts

If you know an suggestion is invalid, click Remove and you won't see the request again. If you want to merge an account, click the Request Merge button, then choose which account will be the parent account.

Selection Description
Make my company the owner of the merged account

This will cause the other account to be merged into your company account. The other user's company account will be removed.

You will continue to be the administrator for the merged company account, and the previous administrator will become a regular user in the merged account. You can make them an administrator if you want. See Managing Users for more info.

Make the company I'm sending this request to the new owner of the merged account

Your company account will be removed. The other user's company account will become the only company account.

You will no longer be the account administrator, but he administrator of the existing account can choose to make you an administrator of the merged account.

Merged accounts will use the following rules.

Element Merge Behavior
Connected customers & customer profiles Any connected customers will be retained in the new account. The existing email address will remain as the contact email for the customer. If the customer is connected to both accounts, the parent account connection will be retained, and the merged account connection will be removed.
Remit-to addresses Remit-to information is transferred only for addresses that are available to All companies.

Searching for Accounts to Merge

You can search for a specific account to merge. This is great if the account isn't listed, or the list is too long to search for the specific account you want.

When you click Click here, you'll see the Request Company Account Merge page. You can also access this page by clicking the Admin icon from the main menu and selecting the Merge Requests tab.

Provide the email address of the account you want to merge, and click Request Merge. and use the info above for making the request.


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