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Coupa Success Portal

Administer the CSP

  • Admin Page
    The admin page lets you manage merge requests, set up your remit-to addresses, accept the terms of use, and more.
  • Manage Users
    Manage user permissions and customer access.
  • Manage Merge Requests
    Merge accounts and manage merge requests.
  • Set up Legal Entities
    Set up your account to create e-invoices by adding legal entities / remit-to addresses.
  • Add Fiscal Representatives
    Add fiscal representatives in countries where you are not registered with a local address but need to be registered for tax purposes.
  • View Remit-to Information
    Provide remit-to address and associated tax information to meet compliance regulations when invoicing.
  • Terms of Use
    View and sign the terms of use to work with the CSP.
  • Set Coupa Accelerate Preferences
    Set your early payment discount terms and apply them to invoices and/or purchase orders to get paid faster.
  • Create SFTP Accounts
    Create and manage SFTP accounts to load invoices quickly.
  • View cXML Submission Errors
    Receive notifications of and view cXML submission errors.
  • Access Add-ons
    Access Coupa supplier add-ons, for example, Coupa Advantage, Coupa Accelerate, supplier profile update, and more.


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