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Coupa Success Portal

Admin Page

On the Admin page you can manage users and merge requests, and the remit-to addresses for your customers; you can set up electronic invoicing and fiscal representatives; you can view and sign the terms of use, set your early payment discount terms (Coupa Accelerate preferences), and create SFTP accounts.


Menu Item Description
Users Invite new users, and manage what each user can do in the CSP and which customers your users can interact with.
Merge Requests Manage any merge requests that you sent to or received from other supplier accounts.
E-Invoicing Setup Set up your account for electronic invoicing.
Fiscal Representatives Add fiscal representatives that you need if you have operations in a country where you are not registered legally but you need to be represented for tax purposes. 
Remit-To Create and manage multiple remit-to addresses that are used to determine the payment location for invoices. This is important for creating legally compliant invoices.
Terms of Use To use the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), you must accept the terms of use.
Coupa Accelerate Preferences Set preferred accelerated payment terms (early payment discounts terms) to be applied to any of your customers across all your invoices.
SFTP Accounts Create and manage SFTP accounts to load invoices quickly.
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