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View and Manage Remit-to Information

Remit-to addresses ensure global electronic invoice compliance. To meet compliance regulations for most countries outside of the US, an invoice must include a remit-to address and associated tax information. If you want to do business with a customer who enabled compliant invoicing, you need to provide the necessary information.

You are required to add a remit-to address when setting up (adding a legal entity for) electronic invoicing or creating invoices. For more information, see Set up Legal Entities and Create or Edit an Invoice.

View remit-to accounts

Go to Setup > Admin > Remit-To to view the list of remit-to accounts and their details: associated remit-to address and legal entity, payment type, the (up to five) customer(s) they are assigned to, and possible actions (update, share, and disable).


Icons in the Customers column indicate the status of the remit-to accounts.

The most recently added remit-to account is at the top of the list.

Manage remit-to accounts

You can add new, or update, share, or deactivate existing remit-to accounts by going to Setup > Admin > Remit-To.


To create a new remit-to, click the Add Remit-To button, select the legal entity to be associated with it, and click Next.

If only one legal entity is active, it is selected by default and you cannot change it.

You can add remit-to accounts also from the Setup > Admin > Legal Entity Setup page. Click on the Actions button, select Manage Remit-To Accounts, and in the appearing Add a new Remit-To account window, click Add Remit-To.

In the appearing Add a new Remit-To account window, fill in at least the mandatory address fields and select a payment type (marked with a red asterisk).


For more information about the fields, see Set up Legal Entities.

If the selected payment type is Bank Account, you can see fields for bank account details that are relevant to the selected bank account country/region.

Bank account fields are validated.

Tooltips marked with the Info (info_icon.png) icon provide information about the valid format for the fields.

If you enter an invalid format in a field, the field is highlighted in red and information about the expected format is displayed in red text under the field. 

Click Save and Continue. The new remit-to account is added to the list.

When you try to save a remit-to account with invalid fields, you can see an error message. You can decide to ignore the errors and save the account anyway; however, it is not recommended as it may result in delayed processing for the affected customer(s).

You can save an invalid remit-to account only once; later you are required to correct the invalid fields.

Invalid remit-to accounts are marked with red in the Customers column and a tooltip provides details about the error.

Deactivate, Update, or Share

To deactivate a remit-to account, click Manage in the Add a new Remit-To account window, and then click Deactivate Remit-To. You can deactivate remit-to accounts also from the Admin / Remit-To page by clicking the Disable (Active.png) icon in the Actions column.

Deactivating a remit-to account also deactivates the corresponding supplier payment account on your Coupa Pay customer side. If the deactivation is unsuccessful, you are informed about it in a message bar.

Deactivation cannot be undone, so you are asked to confirm the action.

Click the Update (edit.png) icon to update remit-to information, for example, to correct invalid fields.

After you submit the updated remit-to information, a new remit-to account is created and the original account is deactivated.

You can share your remit-to accounts with some or all customers. Click the Share (Connect_share_icon.png) icon and in the appearing Edit Remit-To Usage window, select the customer(s) from the Add Additional Customers drop-down list, and click Add Selected. To share it with all your customers, select Add All from the Add Selected drop-down.


If you merge accounts, your remit-to addresses are not merged unless you make them available for all customers. Once the merge is complete, you can assign the remit-to address to the specific customer(s) again.

Add remit-to addresses to your SIM form response

Your customer might request you to add a remit-to address to your Supplier Information Management (SIM) form response. You can create a new remit-to address or choose an existing one from the legal entities.

Go to your customer profile in the CSP to fill in/update your supplier information by doing one of the following:

  • Click on the View Online button in the Update Profile email notification from your customer.

  • Go to Notifications and click on the Update your profile for [Customer Name] link in the CSP.

  • Go to Profile > Your Customer Profiles in the CSP and select the customer for whom you want to update your profile.

On the appearing page, click Add Remit-To to add a new or an existing remit-to address to SIM. You can add one or more remit-to addresses.

If you already provided remit-to information to your customer, for example, on an invoice, the Remit-To Address fields are pre-populated based on the most recently used or created remit-to. If you added multiple remit-to addresses and your customer requests more remit-to addresses, all of them are pre-populated.

If your customer marked the Remit-To Address section to be mandatory when creating the form, there is an asterisk next to it, and you cannot submit your response without providing the remit-to address.


The Choose Remit-To Address window lists all the remit-to addresses that you already created in the CSP as part of your legal entity to be used for e-invoicing and payment.


When you choose an existing remit-to address, the new remit-to address is created for SIM and its fields are pre-populated with data from the chosen remit-to address. Remit-to addresses that are no longer valid are marked with a red icon and a tooltip provides details.

From among populated fields, only bank fields and empty fields are editable.

You can see only those fields that your customer who requests the SIM response included in the SIM Remit-To subform, for example, location code, address, bank and account information, and whether the remit-to address is active or inactive.

All the fields with validation have the Info icon (info_icon.png) with a tooltip to provide guidance on the requested information.

If you see invalid fields, update your remit-to address for your Coupa Pay customer(s).

After filling in the fields, submit your form; you can update it any time.

You are notified in the message bar and you receive an email notification of the successful update, and the new remit-to address is added to the top of the remit-to address list.

If you want to create a new remit-to address from the CSP, you are directed to Legal Entity Setup.

Unlike when creating a remit-to address for e-invoicing in the CSP, when adding a newly created remit-to address to SIM, you can decide to add it to your customer profile immediately or later on the Setup Complete page.

Click on the Add Now button to add the newly created remit-to address to the SIM form response.

If you click Add Later, the new remit-to address is not added to the form, but you can select and add it later.

You can fill in your SIM form response also through Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN) by creating a new remit-to address.

Deactivating a legal entity on the CSP does not deactivate the remit-to address on SIM. 

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