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Coupa Success Portal

Terms of Use

To use the CSP and to allow Coupa to create invoices on your behalf when you use compliant e-invoicing, you must sign the Coupa Open Business Network legal Terms of Use. Otherwise, you cannot create and submit invoices through Coupa and the CSP.

The legal terms of use lists the terms and conditions for using e-invoicing through Coupa and the CSP. You as a supplier, especially if you are responsible for managing legal tax invoices, are required to have read, assessed, and agreed to these terms of use and to be aware of your responsibilities towards the content and handling of these invoices.

To issue a legal compliant invoice, you need to set up a remit-to address for a compliance country. When you use a compliance country remit-to address for the first time, Coupa validates if you have signed the latest terms of use. 

If the Terms of Use has not been signed yet or there is an updated version of the Terms of Use, you are prompted to review and sign it.

Your customer can notify you in an email of an updated version of the Terms of Use. You can use the embedded link to review and sign the legal terms of use.

The Terms of Use is available when you register and log in to the CSP for the first time, when you are notified in the CSP of an updated version, and any time on the left of the Admin page or on the Coupa Open Business Network Terms of Use page.

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