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Coupa Success Portal

Access Add-ons

An add-on is a value-creating product or service that you can begin to use or express interest in using, for example, Coupa AdvantageCoupa Accelerate, or invoice financing.

As a CSP admin, you can access information about all the available add-ons and let Coupa know if you are interested in these services, and you can update your supplier profile or set your early payment discount terms, all from a single page. 

Coupa add-ons are free.

When you click on the Add-ons tab, you can see the following page:


Clicking on an image or on a Learn more link directs you to the relevant pages to find more information about these add-ons.

Add-on Description
Coupa Advantage

A non-profit program that offers pre-negotiated pricing of goods or services to all customers from trusted suppliers.

You can express interest in participating in this program.

Early Payment Discounts

Coupa Accelerate allows customers to select acceptable early payment terms and helps suppliers get access to cash earlier by offering early payment discounts to their Coupa customers.

Clicking on the Update Accelerate Preferences button takes you to the Admin > Coupa Accelerate Preferences page where you can set your preferred early payment discount terms. 

Invoice Financing

Helps suppliers get access to faster and timely payments, even if their customers are not using Coupa Accelerate. A bank finances approved invoices based on supplier credit worthiness.

You can express interest in participating in this program.

Coupa Business Spend Management (BSM)

Platform that provides powerful capabilities for customers and suppliers to conduct all their business spend activities in one place.

You can express interest in becoming a Coupa customer.

Enhance Your Supplier Profile

Helps customers and suppliers find each other, get connected, and get paid.

Clicking on the Enhance Profile button takes you to the profile page where you can update your public and customer-specific company profiles.

Clicking on the Express Interest button on the Coupa Advantage, Invoice Financing, or Coupa Business Spend Management page generates an email message template. You can check your contact email and modify the message body if you want. Submitting the email informs the relevant Coupa team about your interest and you get a response in a couple of days.



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