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Coupa Success Portal

Changes in the CSP Documentation

Changes for the January 2018 Release

Topic Change Details
Create or Edit an Invoice Updated Added a note stating that it is not possible to pick lines from POs when creating an invoice.
Enable or Disable Two-Factor Authentication and Log in to the CSP Updated Updated with instructions on how to use SMS messaging to validate your credentials when prompted by two-factor authentication.
View and Manage Notifications Updated

Updated with information on new notification preferences that you can set to get notified if your customer sends you a comment or replies to your question/comment about unclear sections of the SIM update request form or provides a reason for rejection.

Set Coupa Accelerate Preferences Updated

Updated with instructions on how to set early payment discount terms at transaction level, that is, for specific orders and invoices for some or all customers.

View and Manage Invoices

Updated Updated with information on resolving disputed invoices.
Create a Credit Note New Added instructions on when and how to create a credit note.
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