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Coupa Success Portal

Register for the CSP

You have the following options to register for the CSP:

Method Pros Cons
Customer-created invitation When you accept the invitation and create your account, you are automatically connected/linked to the customer who invited you. You have to wait for your customer to send the invitation email.
Self-created invitation You can get started right away and update your profile more quickly. You need to connect manually to your customers in Coupa. Let your customer know that you registered and you want to connect with them.

With both methods, you need access to the email address you are going to use for the account.

Your CSP account is based on a specific email address. If you use an email address different from the one your Coupa customers have on file for you, you can't connect with them until you give them the email address or create a CSP account with that email address.

Customer-created invitation

Ask your customer to send you an invitation to the CSP.

Self-created invitation

Go to and in the Register pane on the left, fill in the mandatory (email) field (marked with an asterisk), and then click Register to request an invitation.


In both cases, you receive an email with a link to validate your information and create your account.

If you don't receive your invitation email, check your spam folder.

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