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Coupa Success Portal

Create or Update Your Profiles

In the CSP, you have a public profile and you can have specific profiles for your customers that you are connected with through the CSP.

You can view and update your public and customer-specific profiles from the Home page or the Profile page.

Some sections are labeled as private and cannot be seen from the CSP. Financial information (for example, your tax ID, DUNS, and remit-to addresses) are considered private information. This information appears only on documents that you create through the CSP, for example, on invoices.

Update your public profile

Anyone can find and connect with you through your public profile.

Your public profile is created when you create your account and it contains general information about your company, for example, name, logo, website, industry, year of establishment, number of employees, and a description (on the Home and Profile / Public Profile pages), the link to your public profile (on the Home page), and contact information (on the Profile / Public Profile page).


At the top of the Home page, you can see your profile progress/completeness. 

The following table shows the profile completeness stages.

Profile Progress Bar Color Message


Action needed: Complete your profile to get paid faster and get discovered.


Recommended: Complete your profile to get paid faster and get discovered.


Great job! A complete profile helps you get paid faster and get discovered.

Next to the progress bar, the Last Updated field shows how long ago the profile was updated, for example, 2 minutes ago or 10 days ago.

The following table shows the color of the progress bar depending on the age of the profile.

Percentage of Completeness Last Updated < 1 Year Ago Last Updated 1-2 Years Ago Last Updated > 2 Years Ago
< 50% Red Red Red
50% - 80% Blue Blue Red
80% - 100% Green Blue Red

To improve your progress by updating your profile, click on the:

  • Improve Your Profile button on the Home page.

  • Edit Profile button on the Profile page after selecting Public Profile from the drop-down list.


Fill in the following fields:

Setting Description
General Information
*Name Your company's name.
Logo Select an image to upload as your company's logo.
Profile Background Select an image to upload as the profile background.
Industry Select your industry from the drop-down list.
Year Established Enter the year when your company was established.
Short Description Add a short description of your company.
Full Description Add a full description of your company.
Employees Select a range from the drop-down list to show the size of your company.
Registered Users Add registered users by inviting them. For more information, see Manage Users.
Website Enter your company's website.
LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Profile, Twitter Profile Enter the relevant link(s) to your company's social media profile(s).
Business Details
Bribery and Corruption Policy

Select the relevant radio button:

  • Yes, we have a policy
  • No
Policy for Bribery and Corruption If you selected Yes, type in or copy and paste your policy.

Select from the drop-down list to indicate if your business has a diversity ownership: 

  • Small business concern
  • Minority-owned business
  • LGBT-owned business
  • Women-owned business
  • Disabled veteran-owned
  • Veteran-owned
  • Other Diversity Ownership
Address Lines 1 and 2, City, State, Postal Code, Country Enter your company's address.
Primary Contact
*First Name, *Last Name, *Email Enter the name and email address of your company's primary contact. 
Work Phone, Mobile Phone, Fax Number Enter the relevant phone number(s).
PO Delivery Email Enter the email address where you want to receive your customers' purchase orders.
Financial and Legal Information
Accelerate Indicates if Coupa Accelerate is enabled or disabled. Click on the Edit Preferences link to modify your early payment discount preferences. For more information, see Set Coupa Accelerate Preferences.
DUNS Number Enter your Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number. This is secure information and is not published to your public profile.
Add Legal Entity Clicking on the Add Legal Entity button directs you to the E-Invoicing Setup page. For more information, see Set up E-Invoicing.

Reuse your SIM information in the CSP profile

When you receive a SIM form request from your customer to create or update your profile, you can copy/save the provided information to your CSP public profile. After submitting your supplier information for approval, click Yes, Copy to Profile in the appearing popup window. 

Your existing CSP profile data is overwritten with the data you provided in the SIM form only when you save the form.


You are directed to the Public Profile edit page where the following fields are automatically populated (and highlighted in yellow) based on the provided information: Name, Industry, Full Description, Website, Bribery and Corruption Policy, Address (all fields), Primary Contact (all fields), PO Delivery Email, and DUNS number. Save your profile to confirm the updates.

Create or update your customer-specific profile

To update your customer-specific profile, you have the following options:

  • Click on a customer's name under the Latest Customers section on the Home page and click Edit.

  • Select the customer's name from the Profile drop-down on the Profile page and click Edit.

Keep your information accurate and up to date for each of your customers. Provide your address (mandatory fields: address line 1, city, state, postal code, and country), contact information (mandatory fields: first name, last name, and email address), tax ID, DUNS number, and remit-to address(es). 

Depending on your customers' settings, your customer-specific profile changes may update the information that your customers have.

To create a new customer-specific profile, copy an existing profile by clicking Edit and selecting a profile from the Copy from drop-down list in the top right corner of the page, and make the necessary changes by clicking on the blue arrow buttons.


To manage a specific profile, select the customer name from the Profile drop-down list. If you do not see the customer you are looking for, it means that you are not connected to them yet. You cannot see them in the Select Customer drop-down list on the Orders, Service/Time Sheets, ASNInvoices, Catalogs, and Payments pages either.