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Coupa Success Portal

Create or Update Your Profiles

In the CSP, you have a public profile and you can have specific profiles for your customers that you are connected with through the CSP.

You can view and update your public and customer-specific profiles from the Home page or the Profile page.

When you register or log in to the CSP to do business with a customer that uses an onboarding flow, you are guided through the process of providing the customer with the necessary information. For more information, see Update your customer profile.

Some sections are labeled as private and cannot be seen from the CSP. Financial information (for example, your tax ID, DUNS, and remit-to addresses) are considered private information. This information appears only on documents that you create through the CSP, for example, on invoices.

Update your public profile

Anyone can find and connect with you through your public profile.

Your public profile is created when you create your account and it contains general information about your company, for example, name, logo, website, industry, year of establishment, top commodities, currencies, diversity, and corporate social responsibility rating (on the Home and Profile / Public Profile pages), the link to your public profile (on the Home page), and contact information (on the Profile / Public Profile page).


Profile progress

At the top of the Home page, you can see your profile progress/completeness. 

The following table shows the profile completeness stages.

Profile Progress Bar Color Message


Action needed: Complete your profile to get paid faster and get discovered.


Recommended: Complete your profile to get paid faster and get discovered.


Great job! A complete profile helps you get paid faster and get discovered.

Next to the progress bar, the Last Updated field shows how long ago the profile was updated, for example, 2 minutes ago or 10 days ago.

The following table shows the color of the progress bar depending on the age of the profile.

Percentage of Completeness Last Updated < 1 Year Ago Last Updated 1-2 Years Ago Last Updated > 2 Years Ago
< 50% Red Red Red
50% - 80% Blue Blue Red
80% - 100% Green Blue Red

The Learn More link next to the profile progress message opens the Get Discovered with a Complete Public Profile popup with tips and information on the benefits of a complete public profile.


Clicking Update Profile opens your public profile for editing.

Profile summary

Under the section about your profile progress, you can see an actionable profile summary, which shows the number of legal entities and registered users based on the information provided in your profile, and the number of connected users, that is, the number of customers linked to your profile.

Clicking on the View link under Legal Entities takes you to the Admin / Legal Entity Setup page where you can add, update, or deactivate legal entities.

Clicking on the View link under Registered Users directs you to the Admin / Users page where you can invite new or manage existing users.

The profile summary also indicates if you have (checkmark.png) or have not (reject_2.png) provided banking and diversity information, if you accelerate orders/invoices, and if you have a bribery policy.

Profile information

To improve your progress by updating your profile, click on the:

  • Improve Your Profile button on the Home page next to the section about your profile progress.

  • Update Profile button in the Get Discovered with a Complete Public Profile popup.

  • Edit Profile button on the Profile page after selecting Public Profile from the drop-down list.


Fill in the following fields:

Setting Description
General Information
*Name Your company's name.
Logo Select an image to upload as your company's logo.
Profile Background Select an image to upload as the profile background.
Industry Select your industry from the drop-down list.
Year Established Enter the year when your company was established.
Short Description Add a short description of your company.
Full Description Add a full description of your company.
Registered Users Add registered users by inviting them. For more information, see Manage Users.
Website Enter your company's website.
LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Profile, Twitter Profile Enter the relevant link(s) to your company's social media profile(s).
Address Lines 1 and 2, City, State, Postal Code, Country/Region Enter your company's address.
Primary Contact
*First Name, *Last Name, *Email Enter the name and email address of your company's primary contact. 
Work Phone, Mobile Phone, Fax Number Enter the relevant phone number(s).
PO Delivery Email Enter the email address where you want to receive your customers' purchase orders.
Business Details
Company Size

Select a range from the drop-down list to show the size of your company. Available options: self-employed, 2-9, 10-49, 50-99, 100-249, 250-499, 500-999, 1000-5000, and 5000+ employees.

This is private information and not published to your public profile.

Top Commodities Select your top five UNSPSC Level 2 (Family) categories from the drop-down.
Bribery and Corruption Policy

Select the relevant radio button:

  • Yes, we have a policy
  • No
Policy for Bribery and Corruption If you selected Yes, type in or copy and paste your policy.

Select a country/region along with a diversity type from the drop-down lists to indicate if your business has a diversity ownership. Available options:

  • United States
  • Outside of the US
  • None
Corporate Social Responsibility Rating

Select a rating agency if applicable. Available options:

  • CSRHub
  • MSCI Inc.
  • Truvalue Labs
  • EcoVadis
  • Scope 5
  • EnergyStar
  • Inoxico (South Africa)
  • D&B
  • LexisNexis
  • Workato
  • Ecodesk Horizon
  • RBA
  • IntegrityNext
  • WBCSD's
  • GreenSeal
  • GFSI
  • Other 
Financial and Legal Information
Accelerate Indicates if Coupa Static Discounting is enabled or disabled. Click on the Edit Preferences link to modify your early payment discount preferences. For more information, see Set Coupa Static Discounting Preferences.
Currencies Select all the currencies that you prefer.
DUNS Number

Enter your Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number.

This is secure information and is not published to your public profile.

Legal Entity subsection

Lists all your existing legal entities allowing you to manage them or add new ones directly from this page.

If you have three or more legal entities, they are collapsed. To view their details, click on the Down arrows.

Clicking on the Add Legal Entity button directs you to the Legal Entity Setup page. For more information, see Set up Legal Entities.

Reuse your customer-specific profile information in your public profile

When you receive a supplier information form request from your customer to create or update your profile, you can copy/save the provided information to your CSP public profile. After submitting your supplier information for approval, click Yes, Copy to Profile in the appearing popup window. 

Your existing CSP profile data is overwritten with the data you provided in the supplier information form only when you save the form.


You are directed to the Public Profile edit page where the following fields are automatically populated (and highlighted in yellow) based on the provided information: Name, Industry, Full Description, Website, Bribery and Corruption Policy, Address (all fields), Primary Contact (all fields), PO Delivery Email, and DUNS number. Save your profile to confirm the updates.

Update and reuse your public profile information in your customer-specific profile

Keep your information accurate and up to date for each of your customers.

Depending on your customers' settings, your customer-specific profile changes may update the information that your customers have.

To update your customer-specific profiles, go to Profile > Your Customer Profiles. To manage a specific profile, select the customer name from the Profile drop-down list. If you do not see the customer you are looking for, it means that you are not connected to them yet. You cannot see them in the Select Customer drop-down list on the Orders, Service/Time Sheets, ASNInvoices, Catalogs, and Payments pages either.

If any of your customers uses a supplier information form, and you update information in your CSP public profile, you are prompted to update your customer profile if you have any supplier information form requests. You can update your profile also for customers that do not use a supplier information form by requesting help from those customers' supplier account owners.

After editing and saving your public profile, you can see a green banner notifying you about your profile update status, for example: "Your company info was successfully updated on your Public Profile and 2 customer profiles." 

Depending on whether your customer profile is for a customer using supplier information forms or not, you can also see popups with various information and instructions.

Customer profile update with supplier information form

The popups depend on the following scenarios:

  • One or multiple supplier information customer profiles that are new/blank (not filled out) or saved (filled out and saved).

  • One or multiple supplier information customer profiles that are filled out and submitted for approval, or approved and applied.

In the Action Needed: Update Customer Information popup, you are informed if you need to edit a specific form and provide more information (due to the differences between the public profile fields and the customizable customer profile fields), or if you can submit the form for approval as is.

Click on the Open button to open your customer profile for editing with fields (highlighted in yellow) pre-populated based on your public profile.


You can see this page also for other customers using supplier information forms if you select them from the Profile dropdown. 

Add the missing information and submit your form for approval.

If you make changes, you are asked if you want to save the new information to your public profile. For more information, see Reuse your customer-specific profile information in your public profile.

Click on the Show changes link to see the information that populated the fields before they were updated with information from your pubic profile.

If you try to submit your form for approval before it is approved, you are informed in a red banner that it is pending approval. To update your profile, you need to withdraw the request and resubmit your changes.

If you close the popup, you can open it any time from your Notifications by clicking on the Update information requests notification. For more information, see View and Manage Notifications.

Customer profile update without supplier information form

In the Action Needed: Update Customer Information popup, in the yellow banner, you are informed that you need to contact one or more customers directly to update your customer profiles for them. 

Click on the show details link to see the names of customers that you need to contact. Clicking on a name allows you to email directly to the customer's supplier account owner who can help you with updating your profile.

If you select a customer from the Profile dropdown on Your Customer Profiles page, you can see a yellow banner with instructions depending on whether your customer provided one, more, or no supplier account owners.

If the customer provided supplier owner contact information, you can email them directly by clicking on the email address (one contact email) or on the send them an email link (more email addresses).

If your customer did not provide a supplier owner contact (email), you cannot contact them from this popup. You need to contact them through the same channel(s) as before.

If your customer does not use a supplier information form, depending on their settings, you might be able to see the Edit button and edit your customer profile. 

Update your customer profile

When you register or log in to the CSP to do business with a customer that uses an onboarding flow, you are guided through the following elements of the flow to provide your customer with the necessary information: welcome message, basics, payment, and profile.

Some elements of the onboarding flow, for example, fields for invoicing setup and bank information for payment, are available only if you are based in the US, that is, your selected country/region is the United States. If you are not a US-based supplier, only the basics and profile elements, and the payment discount preferences settings are available.

You can provide this data when setting up legal entities after onboarding.

Welcome message

For more information, see Create Your Account and Log in to the CSP.


Clicking on the Get Started or Continue button takes you to the Tell us about your business page where you can provide your basic information.

Providing your address is required.


Click on the Info (info_icon.png) icon to learn more about the fields.

Fill in the following fields: Company Name (registered company name to be displayed on your invoices), Website, Country/Region, Address Lines 1-2, City, State, and Postal Code.

Name and address fields are pre-populated if your customer already has the information from you in their supplier record, or if you are already registered to the CSP to transact with other customers and provided the information in your profile. You can also choose to update these fields.

Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

If you are not a US-based supplier, at the bottom of the page you are informed that you are All set for now. On your first invoice with <customer name> , we will guide you through your legal entity setup.

If you are a US-based supplier, after providing your address, you also have the option to set up a legal entity. You can Also use this address as: Invoice from location, Pay to location (Remit-To), and/or Ship from location by leaving the relevant checkbox(es) selected. Or, if you want to provide a different address for invoicing, payment, and/or shipping, deselect the relevant checkbox(es) and enter the new address.


  • Invoice from location is the main address of your registered business or the registered entity you will be invoicing your customer from.

  • Pay to location is the address your customer will use to send your payment; remittance address.

  • Ship from location is usually your warehouse location.

Also, the Advanced Invoicing checkbox allows you to indicate if you support integration for invoicing (cXML or SFTP) and plan to use it with your customer.

If you are already registered to the CSP and you set up a legal entity earlier, you can also see the Use my current legal entity drop-down from which you can select your existing legal entity to provide it to your new customer.


Clicking on the Next button takes you to the Provide your default bank information page where you can provide your payment information.

You can see the page for bank information only if your customer uses Coupa Pay. Providing your bank information is required.


Fill in the following Bank Information fields: Country/Region (defaulted), Currency (defaulted), Routing Number, Account Number, Confirm Account Number, Bank Name, Address Lines 1-2, City, State, and Postal Code. The address that you entered when providing your basic information is also linked to this payment account.

Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

Indicate if you accept card payment by selecting the checkbox under Card Payment. If you accept card payment, you need to specify the email address where you want to receive the card.

If you selected a legal entity that contains US banking information, at the top of the page you can see the Payment Address section to select the address from the Remit-To drop-down to pre-populate the bank information fields for your new customer, instead of providing new bank information.

Clicking on the Next button takes you to the Would you like to offer discounts to get paid faster? page where you can set your Payment Discount Preferences (static discounting, formerly: Coupa Accelerate preferences). These preferences are automatically applied to all your invoices with the customer.

Providing your payment discount preferences is optional. The selected payment terms can be used only with your Coupa Pay customer(s).


On the left you can see your default payment term(s), and on the right, you can select new terms to automatically replace the existing ones.

If you want to apply the selected payment terms to all your customers, select the Use these preferences for all your customers checkbox.

You can modify them later at any time from Setup > Admin > Payment Preferences > Static Discounting.

Use the Back button to go back to the pages with bank and basic information.


Clicking on the Next button takes you to the page informing you about your successful setup that allows you to do business with your customer.


You are encouraged to update your public profile so that other customers can also find you.

Providing more profile information is optional.

If you want to provide your profile information later, click the Do it later link to exit the customer setup.

Click on the Enhance Your Coupa Profile button to provide profile information related to your diversity, commodities, and transactions.

On the Are you a diverse business? page, select a country/region from the dropdown list and select all the diversity types that apply. Your selections are highlighted.

By default, your primary address country is selected. You can provide diversity information for several countries/regions.


By default, the six most frequently used diversity types are listed. To see more options, click Show More. The list of diversity types depends on the selected country.

Clicking on the Next button takes you to the Do you have diversity certificates? page where you can upload the relevant document(s).

A verified diversity status ensures a higher ranking when customers look for new suppliers.


After uploading a certificate, you can select the certifying agency (or add it if it is not in the list), enter the certificate ID, indicate the issuance date and the (mandatory) expiration date, and provide a description.

You can upload multiple certificates for a diversity type.

Clicking on the Next button takes you to the Your commodities and area of service page where you can select the top five UNSPSC categories you serve from the Commodities dropdown list. Indicate your Area of Service by selecting the relevant radio button: Global or Regional. If you serve several regions, select the widest area that applies. You can exclude up to five areas by entering them in the Exclusion Areas field.


Clicking on the Next button takes you to the Almost ready to do business... page where you can provide your PO email address (where you want your customers to send you purchase orders), DUNS number, and preferred currencies.


The DUNS number is secure information and is not published to your public profile.

Clicking on the Next button takes you to the Congratulations page informing you about your successful setup that allows you to do business with your customer.


You are encouraged to update your public profile so that other customers can also find you. Click on the Take Me There button to open your public profile in edit mode. For more information, see Create or Update Your Profiles.

Providing more profile information is optional.

If your customer requested additional supplier information, you are informed that you are one step away from doing business with your customer, and the Take Me There button directs you to your customer profile in edit mode to respond to the supplier information form request.

Customer setup progress

You can exit any element of the flow any time by closing it with the x in the right corner above the Coupa logo, and you can continue the flow to provide your information later.

On the Setup > Customer Setup page, you can see the list of all your customers and the status of your onboarding flow (setup progress) with each of them indicated by the green progress bar. 

Select the customer name to see the relevant instructions and buttons to take the necessary actions.

  • If you completed the onboarding flow, you can start transacting with your customer. You can go to the Admin page for more setup options by clicking the Edit Your Setup button, or you can edit your public profile by clicking the Edit Public Profile link.


  • If you exited the flow before completing it, you can resume it with the Finish Setup button.

  • If you have not provided information for your customer, you can Start the flow. 

If you have not completed the flow for a customer, you are prompted to complete the customer setup when you log in again.