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Coupa Success Portal

Create or Update Your Profiles

In CSP, you have a public profile and you can have specific profiles for your customers who you are connected with through the CSP.

You can view and update your public and customer-specific profiles from the Home page or the Profile page.

Some sections are labeled as private and can't be seen from CSP. Financial information (for example, your tax ID, DUNS, and remit-to addresses) are considered private information. This information appears only on documents that you create through the CSP, for example, on invoices.

Update your public profile

Your public profile is created when you create your account and it contains general information about your company, for example, your name, logo, a description, and contact information.

Anyone can find and connect with you through your public profile.

On the Home page, click Improve Your Profile > Edit Profile to make changes.

On the Profile page, select Public Profile from the drop-down list and edit the background and the profile.

Create/Update your customer-specific profile

To update your customer-specific profile, you have the following options:

  • Click on a customer's name under the Latest Customers section on the Home page and click Edit.
  • Select the customer's name from the Profile drop-down on the Profile page and click Edit.

Keep your information accurate and up to date for each of your customers.

To create a new customer-specific profile, copy an existing profile by clicking Edit and selecting a profile from the Copy from drop-down list in the top right corner of the page, and make the necessary changes by clicking on the blue arrow buttons.

You can't change your company address from a customer-specific profile page. Return to your public profile to change it.

To manage a specific profile, select the customer name from the Profile drop-down list. If you don't see the customer you're looking for, it means you aren't connected to them yet. You can't see them in the Select Customer drop-down list on the Purchase Orders, Advance Ship NoticesInvoices, and Catalogs pages either.  


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