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Coupa Success Portal

Create Your Public Profile


In the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), you have a public profile that is visible in the Coupa Supplier Portal Directory and allows potential customers to find your profile. Having a complete profile gives your customers the information they need to determine whether they want to do business with your organization. The better the profile, the better chances you have of landing new customers! For more information about your profile and its different sections, see View and Update Your Profile.

You can also build specific profiles for each of your customers to customize your information by customer. For more information, see Create and Update Your Customer Profiles.

If you want to edit your legal entity and payment information, you can do so from the Settings section.


Create your profile

To get started filling out your profile information, select Profile in the top menu. On the Overview page, select the section of your profile that you want to work on and click the Set up link in the Profile Level section. You can also click Profile Setup in the left menu to expand and select a profile section. The CSP takes you to the section you select so you can complete your information.


To edit a section of your profile, click the Edit Section button at the top right of the page. To save your information, click Save changes at the bottom of the page.

If you completed an onboarding sequence, you may see information already populated in your profile.

1. Who you are

The Who you are section gives customers background information about your business, such as what your business does, how customers can contact your business, and how they can interact with your business on social media.

To receive your badge for completing this section, you must complete the following fields:

  • About
  • Company Name
  • Company Size
  • Contact Email
  • Contact First and Last Name
  • Contact Photo
  • Registered Address Line 1 and Country
  • Tax ID
  • Year Established
Field Description
Banner and Logo

You can add a background image that displays at the top of your profile and your company's logo that displays in your profile and is used in logo fields in documents you create in the CSP, such as invoices. You can upload JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMG, GIF, and SVG image file types.

When you upload an image, you can use the image sizer window that appears to adjust the image size.

Company Name You company's legal name.
Doing Business As

The secondary name that your business operates under (also called a "trade name" or "assumed name").

About Description of your company and what makes you unique (maximum 3,000 characters).
Year Established Year when your company was established.
Company Size

Select a range from the drop-down list to show the size of your company. Available options:

  • Self-employed
  • 2-9
  • 10-49
  • 50-99
  • 100-249
  • 250-499
  • 500-999
  • 1000-5000
  • 5000+ employees.
Industry Select the industry your business belongs to.
Registered Address

You can add your business's address:

  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Country
Online Presence

You can add your contact address and links to your website and the following social media pages:

  • Website
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
Tax ID Your company's tax identification number that your customers need to do business with you.
DUNS Your company's Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number.
PO Delivery Email

Email address where you want to receive your customers' purchase orders.

Primary Contact

Information about who your customers should contact:

  • First and Last Name: Name of your company's contact person.
  • Role: The position that the primary contact fulfills at your company.
  • Email: The email address that customers can use to inquire about your business.
  • Mobile Number: The mobile phone number that customers can use to inquire about your business.
  • Work Number: The work phone number that customers can use to inquire about your business.
  • Photograph: The contact's profile picture that displays in your profile.

The CSP populates the information you provided when you signed up for the CSP.

2. What you do

The What you do section gives your customers detailed information about the products and services your business provides and the countries and regions where you do business.

To receive your badge for completing this section, you must complete all of the fields.

Field Description
Products and Services Categories

You can add product and service categories to show the types of products and services your company offers.

If you do not add any categories, the Opportunities for You section on the Overview page does not display data.

Products and Services You can enter free-text descriptions of your products are services.
Areas Served

You can select areas and regions that you do business in, in addition to areas that you do not do business in.

If you select Regional, enter the regions you serve in the box that appears.

3. What sets you apart

The What sets you apart section gives your customers information about how your business is diverse, awards and honors that set your business apart from others, and policies and ratings that influence how customers evaluate whether they want to do business with you.

To receive your badge for completing this section, you must complete the following fields:

  • At least one award, distinction, or project
  • Bribery and Corruption Policy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Rating
Field Description
Diversity Classifications and Certifications

You can select diversity certifications that apply to your business and can upload supporting documentation to verify the certification.

When you click Add, a window appears where you select the country the classification is from and the type of classification. You can also click Upload Certification to upload a supporting document. You can add information about the certificate file in the fields that appear:

  • Agency: Certification agency that granted the diversity status.
  • Certificate ID: Identifying number of the diversity certificate.
  • Date Issued: Date the certificate was issued.
  • Expiration Date: Date the certificate expires.
  • Description: Description of the certificate.

If you want to add multiple diversity certifications for a country, click the Upload Certification link at the bottom of the popup window.

Awards, Distinctions and Projects You can enter the name and reference URL for any awards, distinctions, and projects that you would like to showcase to customers.
Bribery and Corruption Policy

You can enter your company's bribery and corruption policy to let customers know how your company transacts business.

Corporate Social Responsibility Rating

If your company has social responsibility ratings, you can add the agency name.

4. Who you work with

The Who you work with section showcases your customers and their logos.

To receive your badge for completing this section, you must add one customer.

Field Description
Image Customer logo.
Customer name Name of your customer.

5. Financials

The Financials section shows information about your business's financials. This section doesn't display on your profile, and you can choose to include on your profile PDF.

To receive your badge for completing this section, you must complete all of the fields.

Field Description
Preferred Currencies Currencies you prefer to do business in.
All amounts in The currency the fields below are displayed in.
Revenue You business's annual revenue.
Net Profit/Loss (from P&L/Balance Sheet) Your business's profit and loss.
Book Value (Total Assets - (Long + Short Term Liabilities)) Your business's book value.
Total Assets (from Balance Sheet) Your business's total assets.
Working Capital (Current Assets - Short Term Liabilities) Your business's working capital.
Cashflow (from Cashflow Sheet) Your business's cash flow.
Debt Ratio (Total Liabilities / Total Assets) Your business's debt ratio.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

How do badges work?

Badges help you see how complete your profile is. Once you complete a section of your profile, the badge becomes filled in to show the section is complete. See each section above for the fields you must fill in to complete a profile section.

What can I use the PDF for?

You can use your profile PDF as a marketing tool to showcase your business. You can also use the Copy profile URL on the Overview page to provide customers with a preview of your profile.

Why should I complete my profile?

Your public profile is visible to Coupa users in the Supplier Directory. The more complete and descriptive your profile is, the more likely a customer will see it and want to work with you!

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