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Coupa Success Portal

Create and Update Your Customer Profiles


In the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), you have profiles for each of your customers you are connected with on the CSP, which allows you to customize the information your provide to your customers. Some of your customers may send you Information Requests that you complete to update your information with that customer.

Some sections are labeled as private and cannot be seen from the CSP. Financial information (for example, your tax ID, DUNS, and remit-to addresses) are considered private information. This information appears only on documents that you create through the CSP, for example, on invoices.

You also have a public profile that all your customers and potential customers can see. For more information, see Create and Manage Your Public Profile.

Customer Onboarding

When you connect with customers on the CSP, some customers may have an onboarding flow that you complete to setup your information with the customer. For more information about connecting with your customers, see View and Manage Connection Requests.

When you log in to the CSP, you see a popup window alerting you that your customer has an onboarding flow. Click Get Started (or Continue if you already started the onboarding process). You can exit the onboarding flow at any time by clicking the X in the right corner below the Coupa logo. You can resume the onboarding flow by going to  Setup > Customer Setup and clicking Finish Setup in your customer's section.

Some elements of the onboarding flow, such as fields for invoicing setup and bank information for payment, are available only in supported countries. If you are not in a supported country, only the basics, profile elements, and payment discount preferences settings are available. You can provide this data when setting up legal entities after onboarding.

You can see your onboarding progress on the Setup > Customer Setup page. If the bar underneath your customer's name is not completely filled in, you have not completed the onboarding process.


The Tell us about your business page collects your company name, website, country/region, address, and (if your business is based in a supported country) legal entity information. Click Next once you have complete the fields.

Basics onboarding page.

Field Description
Company Name

Your company's name that appears on your invoices.

This field is pre-populated if your customer already has the information from you in their supplier record or if you are already registered to the CSP to transact with other customers and provided the information in your profile. You can also choose to update this field.

Website Your company's website.
Country/Region The country or region where your company does business.
Address Fields

Complete at least the following mandatory fields:

  • Address Line 1
  • City
  • Postal Code

These fields are pre-populated if your customer already has the information from you in their supplier record or if you are already registered to the CSP to transact with other customers and provided the information in your profile. You can also choose to update these fields.

Also use this address as Invoice-from location

This field only shows for US-based suppliers. If you are a US-based supplier, you can select this option to use the address you added above for your company's invoice-from location. The address must match your official company address if you want to use this option.

Pay-to location (Remit-To) This field only shows for US-based suppliers. If you are a US-based supplier, you can select this option to add your remit-to address, which is where your customer sends your payment. For more information about remit-to addresses, see View and Manage Remit-to Information.
Also use this address as Ship from location     If you are a US-based supplier, you can select this option to use the address you added above as your ship-from location, which is usually your warehouse location.
Advanced invoicing

Select if your company supports cXML or SFTP for invoicing integrations. For more information, see Supplier Integration Resources.

Tax Country/Region Country or region of your legal entity.
Tax ID

Your tax ID. If you don't have a tax ID, select I don't have a Tax ID Number.

If you want to add an additional Tax ID, select Add additional tax ID.


Depending on your customer's configuration, you may see pages for adding virtual card, bank account, or address information. Click Next once you have complete the fields.

If you selected a legal entity that contains US banking information, at the top of the page you can see the Payment Address section to select the address from the Remit-To drop-down to pre-populate the bank information fields for your new customer, instead of providing new bank information.

Bank account

Bank account payment information page.

Field Description
Country/Region The country or region where your company does business.
Currency The currency your company uses with this bank account.
Routing Number The bank account routing number.
Account Number The bank account number.
Confirm Account Number Enter the bank account number again to verify it.
Bank Name The name of your bank that holds the bank account.
Address fields

Complete at least the following mandatory fields:

  • Address Line 1
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
Card Payment - I accept card payment Select to allow your customers to submit credit card payments to this bank account.  If you accept card payments, you need to specify the email address where you want to receive the card.

Virtual card

Virtual card payment onboarding.

Field Description
Confirm Email Address

Enter the email address you want to receive virtual cards at.

If your business doesn't accept credit cards, select My company does not accept credit card payment to add a different payment type.


If you don't accept virtual card or bank account payments, you can enter the address you want remittances mailed to. Depending on the settings you selected on the Basics page, your address might be autofilled already.


If your customer offers discounting, the Would you like to offer discounts to get paid faster? page appears after you complete your payment information. Static discounting lets you give your customer percentage discounts based on the term of the invoice.

You can also set up static discounting preferences in the Setup > Admin > Payment Preferences > Static Discounting section. For more information, see Set Static Discounting Preferences.

Your customer may provide specific discounting terms you can choose from. In this case, select the discount term you want to use or select My company does not offer discounts.

Discounting term selection.

If your customer lets you select your own discount terms, select the discount percentage you want to use for each term in the Automatically replace with this discount fields(you do not have to select a discount for every field). If you want to use these static discounting terms with all of your customers, select the Use these preferences for all your customers checkbox.  If you do not use static discounting, click Next. Otherwise, click Next once you complete the fields.

Self select discount preferences.


Once you've complete the Basics and Payment sections, you see the Profile section that informs you that your setup is complete. At this point in the onboarding process, you can either click Enhance your Coupa profile to add diversity, commodity, and transactional information to your profile, or you can click Do it later to finish the onboarding process. You can edit your profile at any time. For more information, see View and Update Your Public Profile.

The Are you a diverse business? page lets you select diversity types by country. If your company is certified as diverse, select the country you received the certification(s) from in the Country/Region selector and the types of diversity certificate you have from the fields that appear. Click Show More to see additional diversity types for that country. Once you have selected your diversity types, click Next.

Diversity type selection.

The Do you have diversity certificates? page lets you upload information about your diversity certifications so your customer can verify your diversity statuses. These statuses can help potential customers decide who to work with when they look for new suppliers.

The CSP generates one section for each diversity status you selected on the previous page.

Diversity certificate upload.

Field Description
Add Certificate Click Upload to attach your diversity certificate. You can upload multiple files.
Agency Enter the agency that provided the certification. You can select an agency from the list of suggestions that appears, or you can type the entire agency's name.
Certificate ID The identifying number of your diversity certificate.
Date Issued/Expiration Date The date you received the certification and the date it expires.
Description Optional description of the certification.

The Your commodities and area of service page lets you specify up to five commodities that you supply, in addition to the areas that you serve (or areas that you specifically do not serve, should you need to exclude a region).

Commodities and area of service.

Field Description
Commodities Select up to five UNSPSC categories that you supply.
Area of Service Select Global if you supply globally and Regional if you only supply regions. If you select Regional, add regions in the Add a region field that appears.
Exclusion Areas Enter any areas that you specifically do not supply.

The Almost ready to do business... page lets you add in your PO email address (where you want your customers to send you purchase orders), DUNS number, and preferred currencies.

Purchase order email and currency.

Field Description
PO Email Address Email address where you want customers to send purchase orders.
DUNS Number

You company's Dun & Bradstreet Number.

The DUNS number is secure information and is not published to your public profile.

Preferred Currencies The currencies that you prefer to work with.

Once you complete the diversity, commodity, and transactional information information pages, you see the Congratulations! page. You can click Take Me There to view your profile. If your customer submitted any Information Requests for you, the CSP directs you to the Information Request. For more information, see Update your customer profile from an information request.

Supported countries

If a country isn't supported, Smart Onboarding skips financial data during the onboarding flow.

Country Country Code
Australia AU
Brazil BR
China CN
Denmark DK
Japan JP
Portugal PT
Russia RU
Singapore SG
South Africa ZA
Spain ES
Sweden SE

Update a customer profile

If you select a customer from the Profile dropdown on Your Customer Profiles page, you can see a yellow banner with instructions depending on whether your customer provided one, more, or no supplier account owners.

If the customer provided supplier owner contact information, you can email them directly by clicking on the email address (one contact email) or on the send them an email link (more email addresses).

If your customer does not use a supplier information form, depending on their settings, you might be able to see the Edit button and edit your customer profile. 

Update a customer profile from an information request

Your customers may send you Information Requests when they need you to update your information they have on file in their instance. You can update your profile also for customers that do not use a supplier information form by requesting help from those customers' supplier account owners.

  1. Go to Profile > Information Requests.
  2. Select your customer from the Profile dropdown menu. Any pending Information Requests appear on the page.

You can also send updates to your customer from forms they've already sent. Click Update Info, make your changes, and click Review. If everything looks good, click Submit for Approval.

  1. Complete the fields in the form.

When you complete diversity information, click out of fields rather than using Tab to navigate to ensure conditional fields appear.

  1. Select Submit.

You can reuse information from your Information Requests in your public profile. For more information, see Reuse information from a customer profile in your public profile.

Withdraw an information request

  1. Go to Profile > Information Requests.
  2. Select your customer from the Profile dropdown menu.
  3. Click Withdraw.

If you don't see the Update Info or Withdraw button, talk to your customer. They may need to apply a previously approved Information Request.

Reuse information from a customer profile in your public profile

When you receive a supplier information form request from your customer to create or update your profile, you can copy/save the provided information to your CSP public profile. After submitting your Information Request for approval, click Yes, Copy to Profile in the appearing popup window. 

You are directed to the Public Profile edit page where the following fields are automatically populated (and highlighted in yellow) based on the provided information: Name, Industry, Full Description, Website, Bribery and Corruption Policy, Address (all fields), Primary Contact (all fields), PO Delivery Email, and DUNS number. Save your profile to confirm the updates.

Your existing CSP profile data is overwritten with the data you provided in the Information Request only when you save the form.


FAQ and Troubleshooting

How do the address sections work?

If your customer marked address sections as required, then you must complete the address. If you don't want to provide address information, select N/A in the dropdown. If the section is not required, you don't have to complete it. However, if you enter a country, you must complete the other fields.