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Coupa Success Portal

View and Update Your Public Profile


In the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), you have a public profile that is visible in the Coupa Supplier Portal Directory and allows potential Coupa customers to find your profile. Having a complete profile gives your customers the information they need to determine whether they want to do business with your organization. The better the profile, the better chances you have of landing new customers!

You can also build specific profiles for each of your customers to customize your information by customer. For more information, see Create and Update Your Customer Profiles.


Profile Summary

You can see a summary of your profile information on the homepage. The top section displays how complete your profile is (indicated by filled in badges under Profile Progress) and when the profile was last updated. You can click Improve Your Profile to open your profile.


The Profile Summary section uses tiles to summarize the number of legal entities, registered users, and connected customers that your business has, in addition to whether you have banking information, have diversity information, use static discounting (Accelerate), and have a bribery policy. You can click View in the Legal Entities and Registered User tiles to open those respective sections in the Setup > Admin section, where you can manage those records.


The final section summarizes your profile information. You can click the Profile link in the Public Profile section to see a preview of what customers see when viewing your profile. 


View your profile

To view your profile, click the Improve Your Profile button on the CSP landing page or Profile in the top menu. When you view your profile, you see the Overview section that provides clear indicators of profile completion, business opportunities you could take advantage of, and a preview of what your profile looks like to others. You also see Profile Setup sections in the side menu that divide your profile information into sections that showcase your business.

Overview section

The Overview section of your profile clearly shows your progress towards completing your profile in the Profile Level section. You can also use the Opportunities for You section to see potential market opportunities. See the table below for more information about the Overview section.

Overview section of profile.

Number Name Description
1 Profile Level

The Profile Level section shows how many sections of your profile you have completed, indicated by a filled in green badge (). Clicking the Update Profile button or Edit or Set up in the list of profile sections opens the selected profile section.

After you complete all profile sections, you see a Go to profile button that opens the Who we are page. For more information about the fields required to complete a section, see Create Your Public Profile.

2 Opportunities for You

Suggests opportunities to improve your business, based on the products and services you selected in the Product And Service Categories field in the What we do section of your profile. The CSP looks at the cumulative amount of spend from buyers and the number of items purchased in the relevant spend categories and shows the percentage of that spend that your company represents.

3 Profile Preview

You can click Profile preview to see how your profile looks to buyers who view your profile in the Supplier Portal Directory in Coupa. You can also click Copy profile URL to get the profile URL to give to current and potential customers. If you want to use your CSP profile as a marketing tool, you can download your profile as a PDF.

If a user views the profile and is not signed into the CSP, they see less information that what is in the full profile.

4 Learning Center

Links that provide more information about the profile.

5 Feedback You can click Tell us what you think to submit feedback to Coupa about your CSP experience.
6 Information Requests

If your customers use Information Requests, this section displays any forms they've sent your company requesting information.

Profile Setup sections

Your profile divides your information into sections based on the type of profile information:

  • Who you are: Includes information about your business, including contact information, address, website and social media URLs, and profile and banner images.
  • What you do: Includes information that showcases what kind of business you have, including information about products and services you provide and the areas your business serves.
  • What sets you apart: Includes information about what makes your business unique and appealing to potential customers, including information about diversity classifications, awards you've received, your bribery and corruption policy, and your corporate social responsibility rating.
  • Who you work with: Includes information about your customers.
  • Financials: Includes information about your preferred currencies and your business's financials. This section doesn't display on your profile, and you can choose to include on your profile PDF.

Update your public profile

If you want to edit your legal entity and payment information, you can do so from the Settings section.

  1. Select Profile in the top menu.
  2. Select Profile Setup in the side menu. The Profile Setup menu item expands to show the profile sections.
  3. Select the profile section you want to update.
  4. Update the desired fields. For field descriptions, see Create Your Public Profile.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save.

If any of your customers use Information Requests and you update information in your CSP public profile, you are prompted to update your customer profile if you have any pending Information Requests. For more information, see Create and Update Your Customer Profiles.


FAQ and Troubleshooting

How do badges work?

Badges help you see how complete your profile is. Once you complete a section of your profile, the badge becomes filled in to show the section is complete. See each section above for the fields you must fill in to complete a profile section.

What can I use the PDF for?

You can use your profile PDF as a marketing tool to showcase your business. You can also use the Copy profile URL on the Overview page to provide customers with a preview of your profile.

Why should I complete my profile?

Your public profile is visible to Coupa users in the Supplier Directory. The more complete and descriptive your profile is, the more likely a customer will see it and want to work with you!

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