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Coupa Accelerate for Suppliers

Coupa Accelerate helps Suppliers get their invoices paid faster by updating payment terms on purchase orders and invoices.

Global Accelerate Preferences are set by suppliers in the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) and will automatically change a Net payment term (i.e. Net 60) on a Coupa invoice or purchase order to a Discount payment term (i.e. 2% 20 Net 60). Global Preferences will apply to the purchase orders and invoices of ANY Coupa company that opts in. Global Preferences allow suppliers to get paid early with multiple Coupa companies by setting preferences in a single place that will apply to all current and future Coupa customers. Global Preferences may also be used to help Coupa companies find suppliers that offer early payment discounts.

Coupa Accelerate will also offer options for suppliers to update their payment terms while viewing a Purchase Order or an invoice, on the electronic transactions themselves through the Supplier Portal or Coupa's Supplier Actionable Notifications (SAN: creating invoices from PO emails). Similarly, the terms will allow changing a Net payment term (i.e. Net 60) on a Coupa invoice or purchase order to a Discount payment term (i.e. 2% 20 Net 60). 

Supplier that always prefer early payment discounts on their Coupa Purchase Orders and invoices should set their global preferences. Suppliers that only prefer early payment discounts on some transactions should accept those discounts on the POs and Invoices themselves.

Coupa Accelerate only changes payment terms. It is at a buying company's discretion whether to pay the invoice early and take the discount, or to pay the full amount in the net term days. 

Note: Coupa Accelerate will not update existing early payment discount terms. It will only update net payment terms to early payment discount terms chosen in accelerate. Thus, it will not change a '2%10 Net 30' term to '1%10 Net 30'. It will only change 'Net 30' to '1%10 Net 30'.

More info on the Global Accelerate Preferences to "Apply to All Invoices"

Applying Global preferences to all invoices means changing a net payment term on a Coupa transaction (i.e. a 'Net 60' payment term a PO or an invoice) to the discount payment term chosen in the Accelerate Preferences page (i.e. 2% 20 Net 60) for ALL invoices in Coupa, regardless of whether there is a PO or what invoice channel the invoice is submitted from (Invoices can come to Coupa from the Supplier Portal, on paper, in emails to the buying company, and through automated data feeds) The benefits of this option are making sure that suppliers get faster payment on as many invoices as possible through Coupa, and is recommended for suppliers that want Accelerated payments on non-PO invoices. 

If this "All Invoices" is not selected, Coupa will only apply the discount payment term to the an invoice from a PO that has an accelerated discount payment term. Note that we will apply this to the CSP and SAN invoices automatically, and to other invoicing methods only if the terms match the terms of the PO. Effectively, this option is for suppliers that only want to apply their accelerated preferences to invoices from purchase orders - many suppliers may want to do this to ensure they receive the accelerated payment terms on the PO (before creating in the invoice in their Accounting System) to ensure that the payment terms on their original invoices match the payment terms in Coupa. This option is recommended for suppliers that only want acceleration of invoices when the accelerated terms were put on the Purchase Order ahead of time.

More Info: Suppliers can change your preferences at any time on the Global Preferences page in the CSP. Email if you need any assistance.

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