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Coupa Success Portal

Viewing and Managing Notifications

Hover your cursor over the Notifications link to see your unread system notifications.

To view details of your notifications and to manage them, click on the Notifications link.

On the My Notifications page, you can view all your (read and unread) notifications, or you can filter by category (FYI, Todo, or Unread). You can select and delete them all or one-by-one.

To change your notification preferences, click on the Notification Preferences button in the top tight corner. Or click on your name link and on the Notification Preferences link.

You can access the notification preferences also from your Account Settings. See Managing Your Account for more info.

On the My Account Notification Preferences page, select the radio buttons for the items that you want to receive any or all of the notification types: online (to do list) or email. You will start receiving notifications when your customers enable them.

If you have an SMS-capable device and you validate your phone number, you can also choose to receive notifications as short text messages via SMS. See Enabling or Disabling Two-Factor Authentication for more info.

Setting Description
A new comment is received  
A catalog is approved  
A catalog is rejected  
A catalog is about to expire  
Form Responses
A form response is approved  
A form response is rejected  
Supplier information is updated  
A new comment is received  
A new comment is received  
An invoice is approved  
An invoice is paid  
A new comment is received  
A new order is received  
Public profile is updated  
An information update request is received  
Terms of Use
New Terms of Use are received  
A new customer connection is created  
Service/Time Sheets
A Service/Time Sheet is approved  
A Service/Time Sheet is rejected  

You also receive notifications displayed in a green bar following certain actions, for example:

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