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Coupa Success Portal

Create an Invoice from a PO

To flip a PO into an invoice, do one of the following:

  • Click on the Create Invoice (Gold_Coins.png) icon for the PO in the Purchase Orders table.

  • Click on the PO Number link to open the purchase order and click on the Create Invoice button.

You can also click on the Create Invoice from PO button above the table on the Invoices page to go to the Purchase Orders page.

In the appearing window, you are asked to create a new or choose an existing invoice-from address. The most recently used address is at the top of the list.


When you create a new invoice-from address, you are guided through creating your legal entity. For more information, see Set up E-Invoicing.

The selected or newly created legal entity is added to your invoice.

On the Create Invoice page, fill in at least the mandatory fields (marked with a red asterisk) in your invoice. Some of the fields are pre-populated with information from the PO. For more information, see Create or Edit an Invoice.

Similarly to creating an invoice, you can create a credit note by clicking on the Create Credit Note (Red_Coins.png) icon for the PO in the Actions column of the Purchase Orders table.

By clicking on the asn_flip.png icon in the Actions column, you can create an ASN. For more information, see Create or Update an ASN.

The ASN feature is available only if your customer enables it for you.

By clicking on the Services.png icon in the Actions column or on the Create Service/Time Sheets button on the PO, you can create a service/time sheet. For more information, see Create or Edit a Service/Time Sheet.

The Service/Time Sheets feature is available only if your customer enables it for you. You also have to enable it for the CSP user(s) on the Admin page.

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