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Coupa Success Portal

View and Manage Payments

You can view and manage your invoice payments, payment accounts, and early pay discount preferences, and you can process your card payments and digital checks from the Payments page.

If you want to see the new Payments page, send your request to

Go to the Payments page and on the left of the page, click on the customer's name for which you want to see payment details.

If you have more than ten customers, you have the option to search for a customer name by entering it in the search bar under the My Customers header.

You might need to provide some information to see payment details.


If you have not provided a legal entity, you are asked to update your business information and clicking Get Started takes you to the Admin / Legal Entity Setup page to set up a legal entity.

If you have not added or shared your bank account with the customer, you need to provide your bank information to receive direct deposits, or you need to provide an email address if you want to receive credit card information for virtual card payment. Clicking Get Started takes you to the Admin / Remit-To page to add a remit-to account.

You are prompted to provide payment information also when you join the CSP through an email invitation from a Coupa Pay customer. For more information, see Create or Update Your Profiles.

If you have set up a payment account, you can see an overview of your payment transactions, a list of tasks, and payment setup progress and options.

The data provided is directional and for informational purposes only, and may be delayed up to 1-2 weeks.


From this page, you can manage your invoice payments, payment accounts, and early pay discount preferences, and you can process your card payments and digital checks.


The Overview section shows the total amount and number of payments received to date, payments due, and early pay requests (visible only if your customer enabled dynamic discounting).

Payments Due includes invoices that have not been marked as paid in Coupa. Payments made outside of Coupa are not included.

Clicking on the link that indicates the number of payments takes you to the Invoice Payments page that lists all the payments made by your Coupa Pay customer.

The link showing the number of invoices directs you to the Invoices page. For more information, see View and Manage Invoices.

The link for the number of requests takes you to the page where you can select invoices for early payment and then set you payment discount preferences.

To do list

The To Do list contains payment-related notifications that need your attention or action, for example, early pay requests to be accepted, digital checks to be downloaded, or customer announcement notifications to be viewed. Clicking the View all link takes you to the My Notifications page.

If your list is empty, you are reminded to check your notification preference settings. For more information, see View and Manage Notifications.

Payment setup

In the Payment Setup section, you can set up or manage your bank account, the email to receive card payments, and your static or dynamic early pay discounts.

If you need to provide or manage your bank information for bank payments or email address for card payments, click the Set up or Manage link to go to the Admin / Remit-To page. For more information, see View and Manage Remit-to Information.

The Set up or Manage link for static or dynamic early pay discounts directs you to the Static Discounting or Dynamic Discounting page, where you can set your relevant payment preferences.

A green bar indicates your setup progress.

Help and feedback

On the left of the Payments page, below the list of customers, you can find the Learning Center with links to the pages about Coupa Pay, early pay discounts, and connecting with customers on the CSP.

Click the Tell us what you think link to provide feedback.


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