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Supply Chain Collaboration for Suppliers


It's important to stay in close collaboration with your customers, especially where supply chains are concerned. If your customers use Supply Chain Collaboration, they specify whether you must approve orders at the header or line level, in addition to the number of hours they require the confirmation in. You can use Supply Chain Collaboration messaging to stay in contact with your supplier to reduce the lag time between order receipt and fulfillment, while mitigating risks and potential supply gaps faster and more easily.

How it works

Supply Chain Collaboration flow

When you receive a notification about a new Supply Chain Collaboration order, you can view the order in the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). You'll see a banner on the purchase order alerting you that the order requires confirmation. Select Click to view confirmation to see more details about the confirmation and turnaround time required by your customer.

Supply Chain Collaboration confirmation banner with details link.

The requisition confirmation information includes the statuses of the lines and the time until the order confirmation is due. You can also message your customer and filter for comments by selecting the Message SCC_message.png icon. If you need to reach out to your customer, their name is included in the information below the purchase order number.

Supply Chain Collaboration confirmation details in a purchase order.

When you review the order, you can edit the Quantity, Price, and Need by Date fields. If you propose changes, provide a reason and optional comment to your customer explaining the change. Otherwise, you need to either accept or reject each line in the order. If you reject a line, you must specify a reason and leave a comment, if desired.

Purchase order line actions.

Your customer can specify whether they want you to approve or reject orders at the header level (accept or reject all lines at once) or at the line level (accept or reject each line individually). You can see this information below the purchase order number when reviewing an order.

You can use the bulk Confirm, Cannot Fulfill, Propose Change, and Revert actions to work with multiple lines at once.

Bulk edit purchase order lines.

Once you accept all lines in an order (either at the header or line level, depending on your customer's requirement), you can submit the order. You can't submit until you have accepted, rejected, or proposed changes to all lines. In the banner at the top of the order, you'll see the same Click to view confirmation link that you can use to check the order status now that it is with your customer.

Purchase order confirmation banner with details link.

If your customer rejects any of your proposed changes or rejections, you'll receive a second version of the purchase order. At this point, the Supply Chain Collaboration verification process is complete and you can collaborate with your customer as you would normally on a purchase order.

Comments in Supply Chain Collaboration

You can have contextual conversations with your customers when using Supply Chain Collaboration by using order comments. When you select the Message SCC_message.png icon on an order line, you can leave your customer comments about that individual line in the order. As before, you can also leave comments at the header level.

Comments are only available on the Order Lines page.

Comments on purchase order lines.

When you have a new comment available, you'll see a red number next to the Comment unread_comment.png icon. Select the Comment icon to review and respond.


Why can't I confirm an order?

Only users with the Order Line Confirmation permission can confirm orders. For more information, see Manage Users.

How can I see more information about Supply Chain Collaboration orders?

You can use the Order Confirmation Comments filter on the Order pages to see orders with comments.

When viewing individual orders, you can select the Click to view confirmation link in the banner at the top of the order to see more information about order status and timelines.

Where are comments?

You can view comments on the Order Line page. You can use the Order Confirmation Comments view to see more information about comments.

On the Orders page, you can use the With unread comments view to see whether an order has unanswered comments. Use the Order Line page to read comments.

Where can I find confirmation information for cancelled orders?

You can view confirmation information in the order History if it's been cancelled.

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