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Coupa supports EDI integration using the ANSI ASC X12 EDI standard, version 4010. To learn more about the X12 standard, visit

EDI integration requires some customization work and is best suited for larger suppliers who already support it. If you haven't automated your transactions yet, consider cXML instead. Make sure to talk to your customer before trying to integrate using EDI.

Once you're ready to get started with EDI, fill out the Coupa Standard EDI Questionnaire and give it to your customer.

How It works

Coupa can send and receive EDI documents via FTP/S. The connection can be directly to the supplier or the supplier’s VAN. For purchase orders, we support outbound EDI 850 and inbound EDI 855, 856, and 997. For invoices we support inbound 810 and 997.

Transmission Method Description
SFTP You can use Coupa's SFTP server or your own secure server. If using Coupa's, we'll set up your account and send you the URL, username, password, and the folder structure where you can pick up and drop off files.
VAN You'll need to request a new buyer/supplier trading relationship with your VAN and send us your VAN information, including who to contact to establish our connectivity with the VAN through FTP.

Testing Checklist

Download the Coupa EDI Testing Checklist to make sure your EDI integration is working as expected.

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