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South Africa


  • When setting up your remit-to address, your VAT ID must begin with 4, followed by nine digits, for example: 4012345678
  • All tax amounts must include the alternateAmount and alternateCurrency attributes. The alternate currency must be set to ZAR. See Providing Amounts in Local Currency for more info.
  • When adding a tax exempt line or creating a reverse change invoice, add this element to your cXML:<Description xml:lang="en-US">Line level exemption reason</Description>
  • Include the <Description> element immediately after <tax-amount>. It's required when the TaxDetails category contains an exemption. See Add Tax Exemption Details to an Invoice for more info.
  • Credit memos must include an Original Invoice Number, Original Invoice Date, and a Credit Reason.

Invoice content requirements

Invoice Content Field Mandatory/Conditional Comments
Name Mandatory The full name of the supplier
Address Mandatory The address of the supplier
Tax Reg. Number Conditional The VAT registration number of the supplier
Bank Account Recommended The domicile and the number of at least one bank account of which the company is holder at a credit institution
Bank Account No. Recommended See above row "Bank Account"
Name Conditional The full name of the buyer. Only required where consideration exceeds ZAR 5 000
Address Conditional The address of the buyer. Only required where consideration exceeds ZAR 5 000
Tax Reg. Number Conditional The VAT registration number of the buyer. Only required where consideration exceeds ZAR 5 000
Invoice Date Mandatory The date of issue of the invoice
Invoice Number Mandatory The number under which the invoice is mentioned in the sales journal of the supplier
Currency Mandatory The currency which is used in the transaction
Local Currency Conditional The local currency. SA currency (ZAR) must be used. Foreign currency may also appear on the tax invoice if converted to ZAR in terms of the requirements in Binding General Ruling 11.
Local Currency Net Conditional The amount payable (VAT excluded) in ZAR. 
Local Currency Tax Conditional The VAT amount expressed in ZAR
Local Currency Gross Conditional The amount payable (VAT included) in ZAR
Exchange Rate Recommended The exchange rate between ZAR and the currency which is used in the transaction
Original Invoice Number Conditional The original invoice number. The document is issued to correct the original invoice. Required to provide information that is sufficient to identify the transaction to which the credit note refers, the original invoice number is the easiest way to do that.
Original Invoice Date Conditional The original invoice date
Credit Reason Conditional Reason for issuing a credit note
Net Total Mandatory The total amount payable (VAT excluded)
Tax Total Mandatory The total VAT amount
Gross Total Conditional The total amount payable (VAT included)
Payment Terms Recommended The payment terms
Early Payment Discount Conditional The discount received in case of early payment
Quantity Mandatory The quantity of the goods supplied or the extent and nature of the services rendered
Description Mandatory Display the description/ nature of the goods or services
Tax Rate Mandatory Applicable VAT rate (per good/ service)
Tax Amount Mandatory VAT payable
Tax Invoice Mandatory The words "Tax Invoice", "VAT invoice" "Invoice"
Credit Note/ Debit Note Conditional The words "Credit note/ Debit note"

Extrinsic fields

The following extrinsics are required to send a compliance-assured South African invoice. You may require additional extrinsics specific to your industry or billing situation:

  • ExchangeRate
  • EarlyPaymentProvisions

Other extrinsics may be required based on your specific invoicing scenario. See Adding Extrinsics to Your Invoice for more info.

Example invoices

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