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United Kingdom

When setting up your remit-to-address, your VAT ID must be in the following format: GB 999.9999.99 (999)

All tax amounts must include the alternateAmount  and alternateCurrency  attributes. The alternate currency must be set to GBP

See Providing Amounts in Local Currency for more info.


When adding a tax exempt line or creating a reverse change invoice, add this element to your cXML:

<Description xml:lang="en-US">Line level exemption reason</Description>

Include the <Description> element immediately after <tax-amount>. It's required when the TaxDetails category contains an exemption. For more information, see Add Tax Exemption Details to an Invoice.


The following extrinsics are required to send a compliance-assured British invoice. You may require additional extrinsics specific to your industry or billing situation:

  • ExchangeRate

Credit Notes must include the following information:

  • The original invoice number must be referenced using the DocumentReference tag.
  • The original invoice date extrinsic must be added.

See Adding Extrinsics to Your Invoice for more info.

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