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General notes 

  • When setting up your remit-to address, your VAT ID must be in the following format: BE 0999 999 999 (prefix + 0 + nine digits). All tax amounts must include the alternateAmount and alternateCurrency attributes. The alternate currency must be set to EUR. See Providing Amounts in Local Currency for more info.
  • When adding a tax exempt line or creating a reverse change invoice, add this element to your cXML:
    <Description xml:lang="en-US">Line level exemption reason</Description>
  • Include the <Description> element immediately after <tax-amount>. It's required when the TaxDetails category contains an exemption.
  • Use the following extrinsics when sending a compliance-assured Belgian invoice: ExchangeRate
  • You may also require additional extrinsics specific to your industry or billing situation. See Adding Extrinsics to Your Invoice for more info.

Supplier field tips

Suppliers can use these tips to help them get set up on the CSP and invoicing in short order.

  • Co Reg Num: include the registration number of your company in the company's commercial register.
  • Type of Company: include the type of company in relation to how your company is legally registered. For example, whether it is a limited company or not.
  • Place of Reg: include specifically where your company is registered.
  • Liquidator Name: If your company is in liquidation, you do need to include the company name of the liquidator on your invoice. If not, you can enter N/A or leave blank.
  • Register Legal Entities: include the register under which your company is legally registered.
  • License Number: include the license number attributed to your registered company.
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