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Access Coupa China Firewall


Unable to access Coupa from users in China. The user's browser may receive an error in accessing their Coupa instance.


Customers, suppliers, partners or other Coupa users (in China) whose network traffic is routed through the Chinese government mandated firewall can experience this issue. Due to dynamic changes in what is filtered by the firewall, Coupa's systems which were previously able to be accessed may no longer be available.

Customers may need to work with their IT and networking departments in order to implement a compliant solution to route the browser network traffic to Coupa systems outside of China.

Potential Cause

The Chinese government regulates network traffic inside of the country to international destinations and origins. Coupa Software provides only limited support to access our systems from behind the firewall in China. However, subject to your company’s compliance requirements, access to Coupa may be possible by implementing the solutions below.  The solution must be implemented at the user side by the company's IT and networking teams, so Coupa is unable to provide another type of relief for this issue.


Use a IPSec VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Setup a IPSec VPN on the machine being used to access Coupa to a server located in a place where the network has access to Coupa. There may be an approved VPN provider that can provide access to Coupa. Coupa does not require VPN but using Coupa through a VPN may experience a minor slowdown in performance for users in China.

MPLS Dedicated Lines / Layer 3 MPLS VPN

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) is a dedicated point to point connection between the corporate office and a POP location (another office location) to route out specific traffic. In simple terms, you can imagine MPLS as a cable that goes directly between offices. This solution solves blocking challenges as you are not using the standard free internet anymore; besides, notice you can set up a VPN connection in order to keep encrypting your traffic between your offices.

Essentially, not all internet traffic must be terminated on the Chinese mainland. Enterprise traffic, for example, from global organizations, can be routed through private Networks like MPLS to improve performance.

Few known Vendors for setting up MPLS-VPN In China for reference

1. China Telecom MPLS-VPN Network -
2. China Mobile MPLS/VPN -

Legal Disclaimer

Please work closely with your IT and networking department to choose a configuration that complies with the laws and regulations in China.

This website is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered as a contractual commitment or legal advice and does not discuss other compliance-related laws or regulations that may also be relevant to our customers and prospects, including any industry-specific requirements. The relevant security laws and regulations applicable to individual companies will depend on several factors, including but not limited to where a company conducts its business, the industry in which it operates, the type of content it wishes to store, where or from whom the content originates, and where the content will be stored.

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