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Coupa Success Portal

Coming Soon: Coupa Compass portal replacing the Support & Success Portals

Get ready for a new Coupa Portals experience! In early October, Coupa will launch the new Coupa Compass portal, bringing together the product documentation, best practices, and events information previously found in the Success Portal with the support articles and case management system previously found in the Coupa Support Portal. Coupa Compass will soon be your one-stop for easy access to all success resources and customer support!

With Coupa Compass, you’ll be able to submit and manage support cases, find and bookmark knowledge articles, product documentation, and community posts, as well as register for upcoming events such as User Groups and product webinars - all in one place. And, it’s all backed by machine learning to ensure the most relevant results are surfaced so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, faster than ever.

The new Coupa Compass Portal will replace the Success and Support portals, and you'll automatically be directed to the new portal where you can log in with your same credentials. For more information about logging in to Coupa Portals, please see the Coupa Portals FAQs. And, be sure to check out the new Coupa Compass Portal when it launches.

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