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Ask an Expert: APJ Sessions


Aligned with Coupa's program of continuing education, we are excited to invite you to join us for an ongoing series of ‘Ask an Expert’ Webinars. The webinars are designed to connect the growing Coupa community in the region with our internal subject matter experts.
The webinars have a varied schedule of topics and speakers - each session consisting of a short collaborative presentation followed by an opportunity for questions. As you will appreciate, it is not always possible to fully address all questions during the Webinars - however experience shows that there is real value in the general discussion during the sessions.

The content of the sessions will alternate between Supplier Enablement and a variety of topics relevant to the core Coupa platform or power applications. The webinars will run from 2pm to 3pm AEDT. Please use the links below to register for the Webinars.

*Topics are subject to change based on customer and partner feedback

Webinar Schedule

Date Topic Description Recording
7th Feb 2019


Introduction to Supplier

A general introduction to Supplier Enablement - What do we mean by Supplier Enablement in Coupa and an overall process overview

Registration link:

7th Feb 2019 Recording
7th Mar 2019 Coupa Analytics - Overview

This sessions will provide an understanding of the out of the box collections and an insight into custom report creation, creating and scheduling dashboards

Registration link:

7th Mar 2019 Recording
4th Apr 2019 Supplier Enablement - 'Channels'

A detailed review of the channels that are available to electronically send and receive PO’s and Invoices to/from suppliers

Registration link:

4th Apr 2019 Recording
2nd May 2019 R24 - General Overview

In this session, we will review the key new functionality that is available in Release 24

Registration link:

6th June 2019 CSP and SAN

A more detailed look at the CSP and SAN supplier enablement processes that are available within Coupa

Registration link:

4th Jul 2019 Item vs. Catalog Loader Management

This session will provide an understanding of the differences between the Item and Catalog Loaders

Registration link:

1st Aug 2019 R25 & Supplier Enablement

An overview of the new functionality available in R25 and its impact on Supplier Enablement 

Registration link:

5th Sept 2019 R25 - General Overview

In this session, we will review key new functionality that is available in Release 25 

Registration link:

3rd Oct 2019 cXML

In the session, we will go through how cXML works - including punch-out, ordering and invoicing

Registration link:

7th Nov 2019 Invoice Status - Overview

This session will cover the key invoice statuses and the trigger for each status

Registration link:

5th Dec 2019 Supplier Enablement Best Practices

We will share with you a guide to Coupa supplier enablement best practices

Registration link:

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