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Suppliers and CSP Future Direction


The Supplier-CSP team is focused on providing value to our suppliers with the best tools, processes, and capabilities so you can work seamlessly with your suppliers. We are also focused on providing Suppliers with the opportunity to gain trust and greater exposure in Community searches and to have greater access to spend flowing through the Coupa platform.

As such, we are striving to provide Suppliers with the best tools to:

  • Get greater exposure in Community supplier searches by offering value added services like Verified Suppliers that let potential customers know they are trusted and payment ready
  • Easily create a profile and get ready to engage with customers on the Coupa platform using our improved onboarding process
  • Efficiently manage and maintain their data and customer connections to seamlessly conduct business

  The key focus areas for 2022 are:

  • Verified Program
  • Guided Onboarding
  • CSP Profile Enhancements


Verified Program 

The Verified Program allows Suppliers to prove their authenticity to potential customers, appear above non-verified suppliers in searches, and get ready to get paid. There are around 90,000 Sourcing events per month, with around $100 billion in spend flowing through the Coupa platform, so becoming verified helps suppliers attract more customers and business.

When a Supplier signs up for the Verified Program, they get:

  • A prominent badge displayed on the Coupa Supplier Portal and when they appear in searches
  • A Verified Certificate that can be downloaded and shared with customers on Coupa or other places

Suppliers can get verified today by going to the Supplier Verification page. Verification is currently limited to Suppliers in the United States, but it will be rolled out to our EU Suppliers shortly.

The process for verification is completed in three short steps when the Supplier:

  1. Provides their company name and contact information 
  2. Completes their payment information
  3. Uploads their verification documentation (such as a bank confirmation letter, voided check, or business trade license)

We will be releasing the capability to connect to the Verified Portal via the CSP in May. Towards Q3 in 2022, we will allow Suppliers to manage uploading their verification documents on CSP itself. In early 2023, we are targeting an automated verification process from the CSP that doesn’t require any manual documentation upload. 

Please note, to remain verified, Suppliers need to have a complete profile on the CSP and must maintain login status on a rolling 6 month basis.

Guided Onboarding - Onboarding Enhancements 

Creating a CSP profile allows Suppliers to get visibility into their business performance with customers, allowing ease of PO management, invoicing, and getting paid on time. A defined onboarding process means the Supplier has a profile immediately after the process and shows in Supplier Searches, which improves their chances in being invited to Sourcing events. 

The current onboarding process for a Supplier is very basic, and the focus area for Coupa is to make this onboarding process as simple and easy as possible. 

In R33, we launched a new Guided Onboarding Process for Suppliers who have been invited by a customer to connect via CSP.  The Guided Onboarding Process focuses on collecting key supplier details (such as basic company details, payment information, and what sets their business apart) so that, when they get to the CSP profile, they are ready to conduct business. Suppliers also connect to customers and invite others from their organization during the onboarding process.

This process, along with Verification, not only creates a high level of trust with customers, but also gets them ready to conduct business on the Coupa platform.

Over the next 6 months, we will be making enhancements to this Onboarding process and extending it to any Supplier who wants to create a CSP profile and join Coupa’s extensive list of Suppliers.

CSP Profile Enhancements

Having a full and complete profile helps provide customers with all the details about their company and helps in quickly filling out any information requested during Sourcing events and bids. Suppliers can complete and maintain profile information that is made available to their customers through our Supplier Directory and Supplier Insights. We recently expanded the profile data available for Suppliers to provide to our Community, with a particular emphasis on diversity information, commodities served, and areas of service for their goods and services. We are rolling out a new profile design to make it even easier for the Supplier to share their data with you. 

In the September release, we are enhancing the CSP profile to make it easy for Suppliers to manage and maintain by improving the overview, financial, diversity, and risk information sections of the profile.

Key features to the basic Profile Overview page include:

  • Accessing the profile on a single screen 
  • Editing details in a single screen by the users
  • Clear status updates on profile completeness are available

Another enhancement in the CSP allows Suppliers to maintain their data so they always have the right information. Having the right information helps during Sourcing and bid events, and having more information in CSP/SIM allows us to easily autofill data for the Supplier, rather than having them type it in each time. 

We are also working on data reusability, which will allow Suppliers to quickly view any conflicts there might be in terms of data available in the CSP and from other sources. They can check their details and confirm the right information before saving to their profile. This capability means the Supplier data available in Coupa will always be the latest and most verified information, which ensures that data shared with customers is accurate.

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