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The Sourcing Activities and Support

The sourcing activities

The actual sourcing activities, e.g. the aggregation of the demands into an RFx or an auction setup, the connecting with and invitation of suppliers, the negotiating, selection and awarding may be managed through any method or tool that the Host wishes to use. We recommend leveraging Coupa Sourcing or Coupa Sourcing Optimization to ensure greater efficiency, automation and traceability.

A template for a sourcing project plan is available for download below to help you through the process. Exploit the collective power of the participants to meet the mile stones successfully.

Coupa Source Together Project Plan Template.xlsx


Irrespective if you are a Host, a Participant or a Community User looking for sourcing opportunities, you have full support directly on line. 

At the top of the Source Together page as well as in the Help & Learn section in each event, there is a link Learn more.... The link leads you to a the Help page where you find the Terms of Use together with a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

If you run into issues, have questions, or would like to take over hosting for a hostless event, please contact Coupa Source Together at


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