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Trustweaver Archiving


Legal storage is responsibility of the Buyer and Coupa provides the capability to mass extract invoices, metadata and related attachments from Coupa into a customer’s or third party’s sftp site. Image scans, attachments, legal invoice PDFs issued by Coupa as part of its Compliance-as-a-Service and legal invoices from supported clearance countries can also be exported via APIs. Additionally, Coupa recommends Trustweaver Sovos as an archive service provider and this service can be purchased separately from Coupa to complement Coupa E-Invoicing under our Compliance-as-a-Service (CaaS) offering. Once purchased, the customer uses the direct integration between the Coupa E-Invoicing application and TrustWeaver-Archiving so that all CaaS e-invoices are automatically stored in the archive.

Trustweaver Archiving is available only for Coupa E-Invoicing under our Compliance-as-a-Service offering. We do not treat attachments to buyer entered invoices as legal invoices. Customers can choose to route them to their own custom archival process. 

Archiving Process

  • TrustWeaver stores invoices based on customer tax registration numbers on invoices. Therefore, the customer has a dedicated section in the archive, which must be accessed separately, for each of their tax registrations.

  • These sections in TrustWeaver are created automatically when the first Coupa-validated invoice, with a particular customer tax registration, is processed in Coupa and is sent to TrustWeaver for Archiving. After that, all Coupa-validated invoices with this tax registration will be stored in that archive section.

  • See GUI URL for an example of the Trustweaver archive for a customer. The last part of the URL customername-1475590731-customer-name is the Section which has been registered for this customer by Coupa. This last part will differ for other Sections of this particular customer or other end-customers (depending on their various tax registrations), while the rest of the URL will remain the same.


Even though Trustweaver Archiving is turned on in the back end from the entitlement perspective it will not be ACTIVATED until the Presentations are turned on by the customer Admin in the Coupa application.

It is mandatory that customers access their archived invoices, in the event of an audit, via the Trustweaver GUI. Coupa customers should raise a support ticket with Coupa Support in order to gain access to the Trustweaver GUI.


  • Coupa sends the following data to Trustweaver when we archive a Coupa-validated invoice and a customer can search individual transactions in the archive using any of these parameters.
  1. Supplier Name. A unique name that we generate. It's hostname + timestamp + supplier id + supplier name
  2. Buyer Name. hostname + tax number. (example: pg-GB123456789)
  3. Invoice Number
  4. Invoice Date
  5. Original Invoice Number (used for credit notes)
  6. Supplier Country Code (country of origin)
  7. Buyer Country Code (buyer tax registration country, BTA country if that's not available, 'XT' if the destination country doesn't support compliance)
  8. Unique ID. Invoice header ID in Coupa
  9. Audit Category (CADESA)
  10. File. (Coupa-generated PDF Coupa or the XML legal invoice)
  11. Supplier VAT Number (if present)
  12. Buyer VAT Number (if present)
  13. Coupa Invoice ID (from Coupa database; unique to each invoice in Coupa )

Customers can use the Coupa Invoice ID to bulk search and download from the Trustweaver Archive when necessary.


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