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Coupa Success Portal

Content Spotlight (aka Search Analytics)


Get answers about what users are looking to buy, and what they're unable to find. 

To make meaningful decisions about content strategy and sourcing, Catalog Managers need the ability to analyze larger sets of data that spans a significant amount of time. Coupa's Content Spotlight provides the ability to filter through data quickly to identify how content is being used in their specific areas of expertise.

How it works

You can find the Content Spotlight at Reports > Content Spotlight or Setup > Reporting > Content Spotlight. Content Spotlight replaces the page that used to be at Reporting > Dashboards > Search Analytics.

The content spotlight landing page

Content Spotlight starts by categorizing search data for a period of up to 12 months into the top 20 commodities by UNSPSC codes and highlights commodities that need attention. Catalog managers can then drill down into specifics of search terms. Catalog managers can also leverage the following prescriptions:

Prescription Description
Enable Coupa Advantage

Leverage Coupa Advantage suppliers to supplement content for this commodity.

Start a new sourcing event

Consider sourcing items in this commodity that have low conversion rates or no results.

Review Procurable Spend

Review Procurable Insights to investigate categories your users are expensing.

Enable Catalogs

Save on off-catalog spend by enabling Catalogs.

Enable Open Buy

Save on off-catalog spend and improve search experience by enabling Open Buy.


Content Spotlight includes the following metrics:

Metric Description
Conversion Rate The percentage of searches that result with an item added to the cart.
Zero Results Found The percentage of searches that return no search results.
Search Count The number of searches performed in your instance
Commodities Requiring Attention

List of commodities that may need catalog improvements. The chart can be sorted by:

  • Lowest Conversion Rate
  • Highest Conversion Rate
  • Zero Search Results
  • Most Searched
Search Terms

The most popular terms that your users are searching for. Available columns:

  • Search Term
  • Commodity
  • Search Count
  • Conversion Rate
  • Zero Search Result
  • Link to Supplier Insights
User Count The count of distinct users that entered a search term.
Search Result Avg

The average count of results across hosted, Open Buy, and forms catalog (i.e., the average of hosted results, Open Buy results, and form results).

In addition to commodities, Content Spotlight also includes forms and web forms in metrics like Conversion Rate. 

Normalized commodities

Conditions when actionable supplier insights are only shown when the conversion_rate(Higher is better) is < 5% OR zero_search_results_rate(Lower is better) is > 15%.

The commodity column is populated If the search term matches one of the top 20 UNSPSC commodities (listed below). This mapping is based on community data and keeps getting updated.

  • 4412 Office supplies
  • 1411 Paper products
  • 8014 Marketing and distribution
  • 4410 Office machines and their supplies and accessories
  • 5020 Beverages
  • 4713 Cleaning and janitorial supplies
  • 4411 Office and desk accessories
  • 4321 Computer Equipment and Accessories
  • 4618 Personal safety and protection
  • 4110 Laboratory and scientific equipment
  • 5310 Clothing
  • 3116 Hardware
  • 5215 Domestic kitchenware and kitchen supplies
  • 5512 Signage and accessories
  • 5016 Chocolate and sugars and sweeteners and confectionary products
  • 2711 Hand tools
  • 3120 Adhesives and sealants
  • 5313 Personal care products
  • 4712 Janitorial equipment
  • 8212 Reproduction services


This feature is part of Coupa Procurement and is enabled by default for customers using Advanced Search Filtering. Additionally, if support enabled legacy faceted search for your instance, Content Spotlight won't classify commodities for you. 

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