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Key Features in BELLIN Release 20.1

With release 20.1, we introduce exciting new features to tm5. The all new navigation lets you move faster through the system. We deliver new change logs, an expanded four-eyes principle, and new bulk actions for the new tm5 interface. We also deliver the first pieces of the new settlement process, along with refinements to reconciliation, balance calculation, cash flows, and more.

To guide you through all the new and expanded features, we also deliver the all new online user help. There, you can find information about each part of tm5, including the new navigation, the revised user toolbar, the new tm5 interface, and more.

To learn more about how you can leverage the new features in Release 20.1, see our customer webinar.

For a user-driven discussion of Release 20.1, see Coupa Community.

New in tm5 release 20.1:

All new tm5 navigation

  • The all new tm5 navigation pane
  • Bookmarks in the navigation
  • Intelligent search function

Enhanced user interface

  • Toggle between the classic and new interface
  • User toolbar
  • Keyboard actions for filters

Account balances

  • New balance calculation on classic pages
  • Updated U.S. balance calculation

Account settings

  • Link to Account Settings from account
  • Turnover check for statements


  • New table actions
  • Link to source of cash flows
  • Grouped payment reconciliation
  • Transmission state for transactions


  • Standard Settlement Instructions
  • Settlement Report

Four-eyes principle

  • FEP for Beneficiaries, Menu Settings, and Account Settings

System Administration

  • System Messages
  • Personal Inbox
  • Folders
  • Account Category

External deal requests

  • FXall CSV export

Vendor Verification

  • Create beneficiary accounts from payment information
  • Master data import for beneficiaries and accounts

Change Logs

  • Change logs in the new tm5 interface
  • Deleted items (Standard Settlement Instructions)
  • Bank Mandates
  • Account Settings

Bulk actions

  • IC Payments
  • Beneficiary Management
  • Beneficiary Accounts
  • Reconciliation
  • Settlement Report

Cash flows

  • Delta for split cash flows is now at the bottom
  • Link to source

Financial instruments

  • Spot date in accrued forward points
  • Value at Risk - Holding Period of 2 Months
  • Japanese day count convention for long term loans

Payment Processing

  • SEPA DK / Instant payments - set maximum amount in the EBICS contract
  • SWISS ISO 20022 format
    • Urgent SEPA payments are no longer valid
    • Introduce support for QR Bill payments
  • Improvements to SWIFT FIN free text messages
  • Introduction of a technical “BELLIN System User”
  • Changes to the special functions in Payment Template
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