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Key Features in Release BELLIN 20.2

Building on the advancements in 20.1, release 20.2 furthers the exciting new developments in tm5. We continue to refine the new interface and add features to the new cash management process. The new settlement workflow has greater functionality. New bulk actions in Vendor Verification make it faster and easier to manage.

Along with new functionality for importing and exporting data, we introduce new features for foreign exchange, commodity deals, and more.

To learn more about how you can leverage the new features in Release 20.2, see our customer webinar.

For a user-driven discussion of Release 20.2, see Coupa Community.

Here are some highlights of the upcoming release:

New interface:

  • Sections in forms
  • Bookmark a page without using a custom view
  • Share page views

Cash management:

  • Cash pools in the new interface
  • Cash flow categories
  • Excel upload for cash flows
  • Enhancements to cash flow reconciliation


  • Link to settlement from a cash flow
  • Include FX options and interest rate options into the settlement workflow

Vendor Verification:

  • Chane log for Vendors
  • Bulk approve/reject 4EP

Financial instruments and trading platforms:

  • API for external forward and spot deals
  • 360T participants in the new interface
  • General ledger export for commodity deals

BELLIN Connect app

  • New filtering and presentation options in the report section
  • Restrict users from switching mobile devices
  • Additional mobile device details in the tm5 user profile
  • Show comment information in the app’s payment details screen

Banking and payment processing

  • Support for PNC, Ecobank and Bank of Montreal file formats
  • CH-ISO20022 / Support for scanned QR-Bills
  • PDF statements from German banks via EBICS (DK-Standard)