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Key Features in BELLIN Release 20.3

This year, tm5 has seen some exciting advances. There is the all new navigation, the new settlement process, and an array of new features in the new tm5 interface. Release 20.3 continues to build on these advancements.

This release features a freshly designed attachment upload in Vendor Verification. We have a created a Message sidebar for faster access to messages from the personal inbox. The Excel import expands to include Standard Settlement Instructions and IC Payments. For early adopters, Export Profiles Management features the scheduled export of account statements.

We also enhance our netting functionality. Designation of standard netting account is now available for real and virtual netting. Current standard netting accounts are assigned to both real and virtual netting, which you can change with the click of a mouse. The new delete invoice user right allows local subsidiaries to delete their receivables, should they make a mistake after uploading.

Combined with other enhancements to cash management, Vendor Verification, the new settlement process, and more, release 20.3 makes tm5 more powerful than ever.

To learn more about how you can leverage the new features in Release 20.3, see our customer webinar.

For a user-driven discussion of Release 20.3, see Coupa Community.

Here are some highlights of the upcoming release:

Reporting :

  • Basic data models for Financial Status, Credit Line Utilization, FX Exposure & Hedge, and Counterparty Exposure are available with Report Designer

Cash Management :

  • Bulk export of account statements (postponed to 20.4)
  • Scheduled export of account statements
  • Float columns and filters
  • Enhanced intraday statement handling

Settlement :

  • Integration of securities and leases
  • Excel import for SSIs
  • Bulk delete for SSIs
  • Visibility for mirror SSIs
  • Enriched drill-down in Settlement Report

Vendor Verification :

  • Attachment upload for beneficiaries
  • Always block payments to block-listed accounts
  • Bulk change validation settings for remitter accounts

Payments :

  • Use allow list in payments
  • Duplicate check for bulk payments uploaded with the split option
  • Excel import for IC Payments

BELLIN Connect :

  • See attachments in the app