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Key Features in BELLIN Release 20.4

With 20.4, we continue the refinement of the tm5 user experience, including new functionalities in the Personal Inbox and Messages sidebar.

We also continue the deployment of new and refined functionality throughout the system, including refinements to the new settlement process, new tools in daily cash management, and advanced file management functionality. Here are some highlights:

New Cash Management Process:

There are two new plausibility checks for account statements: one for missing statements and another for the consistency of the account statement itself. There are also notifications in the inbox alerting you to any inconsistencies.

We refine the export of account statements, including bulk and automated exports.

In response to user requests, we add several more columns to Cash Flows, including Name Payer/Payee.

The new Account Balances, Reconciliation and Reconciliation Result are now available by default to all users of cash management.

Combining the most important tasks in daily cash management, we introduce the new Cash Worksheet.

Vendor Verification:

Vendor Verification, our powerful fraud prevention tool, now leverages the power of artificial intelligence.

Learn more about your payment history and get near real-time risk assessment of your current payments.

Custom Reporting:

The new Report Designer extends tm5’s reporting capacities to include graphic BI reporting.

With 20.4, we introduce the reporting tool, along with 5 standard reports, drawing from data across tm5. In future releases, users will have the ability to design their own custom reports.

To learn more about how you can leverage the new features in Release 20.4, see our customer webinar.

For a user-driven discussion of Release 20.4, see Coupa Community.

More highlights of the upcoming release:


  • New Message Subscriptions page

Cash Management:

  • New system setting: Export MT940 statements with structured information
  • Enhancement of export profiles
  • camt.054 and EDI823 available for export
  • File export for SFTP-based integration


  • All deal types now available in the new settlement process
  • Netting by amount sign
  • Correct WHT flow on IC accounts
  • Split or net settlements
  • Re-assign SSI by special function

Vendor Verification:

  • Tax/VAT ID for participants and beneficiaries
  • Multiple accounts can be given the same name

Trading Platforms:

  • Default credit lines for 360T
  • Project and Portfolio now available for FXall import


  • Current virtual netting code in Netting Statement +


  • ES ISO 20022 available by H2H and SWIFT
  • Extended support for scanned QR bills