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Split Realized Cash Flows

On Cash Flows (new), you can split realized cash flows. This does not change the total amount of the cash flow. Splitting a cash flow divides the amount into separate transactions. This can be useful for categorization or to change the way a realized cash flow impacts an intercompany account, for example.

The Type column shows if a cash flow is forecast or realized.


For a realized cash flow, click the Options button and select Split.


The Split Cash Flow dialog opens. Under Original Cash Flow, Coupa Treasury shows the properties of the cash flow to be split.


Under Split Cash Flows, use the drop-down menus to select Category, Project, Portfolio, or Counterparty.


Click + Add transaction to add transactions to the split cash flow. For each added transaction, Amount is mandatory. Category, Project, Portfolio, and Counterparty are optional. By default, Project and Portfolio are inherited from the original cash flow, but it is possible to change them.


When you add another transaction to the cash flow, the delta field updates automatically.

Click Save to complete the split. The cash flow is now split in your table.


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