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The Bookmarks tab shows all your saved bookmarks.

To use a bookmark, select an item and click it.

The bookmarked page or custom view loads immediately.


There are two types of bookmark:

  • Custom views
  • Pages

Bookmarks of custom views have the bookmark icon bookmark_icon.png. These lead to saved custom views.

Bookmarks of pages show the name of the page. These always lead to the current default view for that page.


To change the order of your bookmarks, use the grabber on the right side of the bookmark to move it.

Hover over one of your bookmarks and click the X to remove it from your list.

Coupa Treasury prompts you to confirm before deleting the bookmark.

To add it back, simply create the bookmark again.

Create bookmarks

Bookmark a custom view in the new Coupa Treasury interface

Save a custom view anywhere in the new interface.

With your custom view selected, open the custom view Options menu and select Add as bookmark.


The custom view is now in your bookmarks.

Bookmark a page in the new interface

When you bookmark a page in the new Coupa Treasury interface, the bookmark leads to the current default view for that page. If the default view changes, the bookmark leads to the new default view for that page.

From the page

From the main custom view menu, click the Options button to open the Options menu.


Select Add as bookmark. The page is now in your Bookmarks menu.

From the default view

Click the down arrow to open the Custom views menu.

Click the Options button for the system default view. This opens the Options menu. Select Add as bookmark.


Bookmarking the system default view always bookmarks the page, not the system default view. When clicked, the bookmark links to the current default view for the page.

Bookmark in the classic Coupa Treasury interface

Select a saved view from the custom views drop-down menu in the classic interface.


Click the Add to favorites button.


This opens the Add Favorite to Start Page pop-up window. Open the Favorite List drop-down menu and select Bookmark.


Bookmarks vs. Favorites

Bookmarks are different from Favorites. when you create a bookmark, Coupa Treasury does not automatically add it to your Favorites.

  • Favorites widget: The Favorites widget on the Start page contains custom views from the classic Coupa Treasury interface. Custom views saved in the new Coupa Treasury interface cannot be added to the Favorites widget.
  • Favorites in the new interface: On new Coupa Treasury menu items, the custom views drop-down menu is divided into two parts: Favorites and Others. If a custom view is a favorite, it appears in the top portion of the menu, making it easier to find.
  • Bookmarks: The only place bookmarks appear is in the navigation pane. Because the navigation pane shows for every menu item, you can access bookmarks from anywhere in Coupa Treasury.
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