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Coupa Success Portal

Search Navigation

Use the search function to find any menu item in Coupa Treasury with a simple text entry.

The smart search automatically makes suggestions based on partial entries.


The search learns your behavior while navigating Coupa Treasury. When you open the search, it automatically suggests likely destinations from the current menu item.

Use Shift+S as a keyboard shortcut for the search function. This automatically opens the Search tab.

The suggested results show breadcrumbs. This shows you the navigation path for the search result.


Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to move the box between suggested results. Hit Enter to choose the result with the box around it.

You can also click on any suggested result to navigate to that page. When you hover your mouse over a result, it is highlighted.

Type the first letter of each word in the name of a menu item. For example, for Cash Flows, type "cf" or for Payment Validation type "pv."

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