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Custom Page Views in the New Interface


The custom page view interface is at the top of every page in the new Coupa Treasury.


Click the Options button (three dots) to open the edit menu. The menu lets you save, change, or delete custom page views. You can also set a view as default or add it to your bookmarks menu.


Click the down arrow to open the custom views menu. This menu shows all of your saved custom views for this page in Coupa Treasury. You can also click the Options button for any of your saved views to edit that view.


Default View

Each page in the new Coupa Treasury interface has a default view pre-set. This is the system default view for that page, so you cannot edit or delete it.

You can easily create your own custom page views. You can also set one of your saved page views as your own default page view.

Because the table refreshes automatically whenever you navigate to a page, there must always be a default view. In the absence of a customized page view, it is always the system default view. If you delete your default custom page view, Coupa Treasury automatically re-assigns the system default view.

Load a Custom View

Click the name of the currently displayed page view. This opens the custom views menu for that page in Coupa Treasury.

The currently chosen view shows in blue.

Each page view in the list has its own Options button. Click it to reveal the options menu for saved page views.

Click the star to favorite a page view. If the page view is already in your favorites, clicking the star removes it from your favorites.

To use a page view, click it in the custom views menu. This selects the saved page view and automatically loads it.

Create a Custom View

To create a custom page view, set your filters, columns, and any other table features such as grouping and sorting.

Click the Options button and choose Save As. This opens the Save As dialog.

Enter a name for your custom page view. The Description replaces comments in previous BELLIN release versions. This is where you can attach a brief description to help explain the correct use of this page view.

If you have the appropriate user rights, you can also make the page view public. Otherwise, only you are able to see it. You can also set the view as a favorite or as your default view from this dialog.

Once you have your view configured as desired, click Save. A success message shows at the top right of the screen.

Manage Custom Views


This menu divides custom views into Favorites and Others. To add a page view to Favorites, click the star.

To load any saved view, select it from this list. Your table instantly refreshes.


Bookmarking a custom view adds it to your navigation pane under Bookmarks. This allows you to instantly navigate to the bookmarked view from anywhere in Coupa Treasury.

To add a bookmark, open the edit menu and select Add as bookmark.

The custom view now shows in your bookmarks menu.

Custom Page View Properties

Click the Options button for the saved page view and select Properties.

In the Edit: Properties dialog, you can change the name of your saved page view, change the description, or enable or disable Public,

To set it as your default page view, click the Options button and select Default Page View. This automatically adds it to your favorites.

Overwrite a Custom Page View

To change the filters or the table layout in a page view, you must overwrite it.

Select the page view from your menu. After the table refreshes, make your changes. The name of the custom page view now has a blue dot next to it. This indicates that something on the page has changed since you loaded the page view.

Click the page view Options button and select Save. The system asks you to confirm that you want to overwrite the page view. Click Overwrite to complete the change.

Delete a Custom Page View

Load the page view you wish to delete and select Delete from the options menu. 

Once you confirm the deletion, Coupa Treasury shows a success message.

If you delete a page view, Coupa Treasury removes it from your favorites.

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