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Custom Page Views in Coupa Treasury Classic

Use a Custom View

To use a saved page view, select it from the dropdown menu.


Once you select the page view from the menu, the greyed-out buttons become active.


The Load custom page view button cpv_load_button.png only loads the filters set up for this page view.

The Load and refresh custom page view button cpv_load_refresh_button.png loads the filters and refreshes the page to show the results of the search.

Create a Custom View

After you set the filters and columns as needed, go to the top of the page and click the Save custom page view as… button.


This opens the Custom Page View pop-up window. Enter a name for your page view. 


If you are an Admin level user, you see the Private checkbox. By default, the box is checked. If you leave this box checked, only you will be able to use this page view. If you uncheck it, other users will also be able to use it.

If you want Coupa Treasury to load this page view automatically when you navigate to this page, check the Default box.

Click the Save button to save your page view. The page view now shows in the dropdown menu at the top of the page. 

If you checked the Default box, the page view is highlighted in yellow.

After you set the filters, always test your search by hitting the green refresh button. This runs the query, so you can check the results and verify that they are what you need.

Manage Custom Views

Favorites Widget

The Add Favorite to Start Page button opens the Add Favorite to Start Page pop-up window.


If you have multiple favorites lists, you can select the desired list from the dropdown menu. You can also select its position within your favorites and assign the text to display.


By default, the Text displayed field will show the name of the saved page view. Edit that field if you want it to say something else.

Check the Auto refresh button if you want the page view to load and refresh whenever selected from the Start Page. Otherwise, the filter and column criteria load, but the page must be manually refreshed to show the data table.

Hit Save to complete the process.

You can also use the Add Favorite to Start Page button to add a page to your Favorites widget. Click the button without setting any filters. The Text displayed field defaults to the page name.


Select a saved view from the custom views drop-down menu in the classic interface.

Click the Add to favorites button.


This opens the Add Favorite to Start Page pop-up window. Open the Favorite List drop-down menu and select Bookmark. Click the Save button.

The custom view is now in your bookmarks.

Overwrite a Custom Page View

Once you have saved a page view, the only way to change it is to overwrite it. Select the page view you wish to edit and click the Save custom page view as… button. Your browser prompts you to confirm that you wish to overwrite the existing page view.

Click OK to return to the Custom Page View pop-up window where you originally created it. Here, you can make whatever changes you wish. 

For example, if you want this to be the default page view, but forgot to check that box initially, check that box now and save.

Clicking Cancel also opens the Custom Page View pop-up window and allows you to create a copy of that page view. However, it does not overwrite the existing page view and does not allow you to save the page view with the same name as the existing one.

When you are done, click Save to complete your changes.

Delete a Custom Page View

To delete a custom page view, select it from the dropdown menu and click the Delete selected custom page view button.
Your browser prompts to confirm the deletion. Click OK to finish deleting the custom page view.
If this page view is in your Favorites widget, deletion also removes it from that list.

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