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Get Started in Coupa Treasury

These articles are meant to introduce new users to Coupa Treasury. The explanations are intentionally brief. The goal is not to teach you everything about Coupa Treasury, but to help you start using the software as quickly as possible.

We start with a brief explanation of the most basic functions, such as logging in and navigating the system. After that, we move to some common workflows.

By the end, you should be familiar with series of tasks in Coupa Treasury:

  • Configure users
  • Configure companies and groups
  • Configure banks
  • Create and manage bank accounts
  • Enter and view account statements
  • View account balances
  • View cash flows

By the end, you should be familiar with the interface and with several basic workflows. 

Once you are familiar with the basics of the system, we recommend taking a look at the Coupa Treasury help feature. To access it, click the ? button at the top of any page. There, you can find deeper explanations of topics covered here, as well as detailed explanations of the rest of Coupa Treasury.

As a general introduction, let's begin with About Coupa Treasury.


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