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Four-eyes Principle

About the Four-eyes Principle


To help with greater transparency across your organization, Coupa Treasury has a built-in dual approval process. Wherever you have the four-eyes principle active, a second admin-level user must approve any changes.

In Coupa Treasury, the four-eyes principle can apply to these types of change:

  • User
  • Participants
  • User Rights Group
  • Entity Group
  • Accounts
  • Signing Authorities
  • Rate
  • Interest
  • Securities
  • Menu Settings
  • Trade Finance Authorization
  • Beneficiary Accounts
  • Beneficiaries
  • Account Settings
  • Payment Templates
  • Direct Debit Templates

Activate the Four-eyes Principle 

Open the drop-down menu under Section and select the relevant item. Activate the check-box for Active and select a Valid From date.


Click the Save button to request the change.

At this point, a second admin user must log into Coupa Treasury and approve or discard the change. Once approved, the four-eyes principle applies to that type of change entered into Coupa Treasury.

The Four-eyes Principle Approval section under Create a User describes how to apply the four-eyes principle while entering new users.

Deactivate the Four-eyes Principle 

To deactivate a four-eyes principle, follow the same steps as for activating it, with one difference. When creating an entry on the Four-eyes Principle page, uncheck the Active check-box. The Valid From date determines the date that four-eyes principle is deactivated.

For example, if you want to deactivate the four-eyes principle for new users as of today, create an entry choosing UserActive unchecked, and Valid From today’s date.

As soon as the second admin user approves the request, the four-eyes principle is deactivated for changes to users in Coupa Treasury.


Now that you understand the four-eyes principle, it's time to start entering data. First, we want to Create a User

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