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Coupa Success Portal

Create a User

Add a User


On the Users page, click the New button.


This opens a pop-up window. The only required fields are Title, Surname, User, Password, and Repeat Password. You can add or change information after creating the user.


The first time the user logs into Coupa Treasury, the system prompts to choose a new password. When adding the user here, enter a temporary password for the user.

If your organization is using single-sign on, the User field should match the unique user ID implemented for SSO. This is usually the user’s email address.

User Rights

When adding a new user, you can assign different user rights. User rights are based on the classic module structure of Coupa Treasury.

Only the System module is active by default and it cannot be deactivated for any user.

LM granted.PNG

Click a module button to grant the user access. Open the Rights menu and choose a rights level for that user within the module. The default levels are Admin, Admin only, PF User, SP User, and User. Your treasury consultant can configure additional levels if needed. Activate Read-only to prevent the user from editing anything within that module.

To see the specific Coupa Treasury pages associated with any classic module, click the information button. This opens the Classic Menu Item Mappings for that module.

The Entity and Entity Group menus set the scope of the user’s access. If you select an entity group, that user will have access to all entities within that entity group.

Once you have configured the user as desired, click Save to finish creating the user.

Four-eyes Principle Approval

If your company uses the four-eyes principle for users, the approval of a second admin user is necessary before any new user is active. The four-eyes principle works the same for users, participants, accounts, and signing authorities.

On the Users page, click the Refresh button to show the user in the table.


The Details button shows which users are awaiting confirmation by the four-eyes principle. The second admin user logs into Coupa Treasury, goes to the Users page, and clicks the Details button. This opens the Users details pop-up window. At the bottom of that window, the second admin user can decide whether to approve or reject the new user.

Click the green checkmark to approve the user.



With users created, the next step is to build your corporate group in Coupa Treasury. To do that, we Create Entities and Entity Groups

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