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Account Statements

With your users and bank accounts configured, you can import account statements into Coupa Treasury and share them with other users.

There are several ways to import account statements into Coupa Treasury. Here, we discuss uploading and manually entering them.

Account Statements (new)


Enter Account Statements

There are two ways to enter an account statement on this page: file import and manual entry.

Import a file

At the top right of your table, click the down arrow next to the New button.

Click Import to open the Import dialog.

Drag and drop a file or click browse to select a file on your computer.

Manual entry

Click the New button. This opens the New: Account Statement dialog.


Mandatory fields are Account, Opening Date, Opening Balance, Closing Date, and Closing Balance.

The Difference field is the difference between the opening balance and the closing balance.

To add a transaction to the statement, click Add Transaction. Any transaction added this way must have a Date and Amount entered for it. The difference updates automatically with each added transaction.

Click Save to enter the account statement.

View account statements

On the same page, you can see all account statements in Coupa Treasury. Hover over a row to show the Options button. Click the button to open the Options menu for that account statement.


To view the statement, select Details. This opens a new tab with the transaction details in that account statement. Each row in the statement is one transaction. Click the row number to open the Transaction Details pop-up window.


Now that your account statements are in the system, you can get an overview of your cash position at Account Balances.

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