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Cash Flows

Cash Flows (new)


There are two types of cash flow reported in Coupa Treasury:

  • Forecast: Planning items for future cash flows are forecast cash flows. You can upload them or enter them manually. They may also be imported from other areas of Coupa Treasury, such as settlements or loans.
  • Realized: Transactions, usually reported in bank statements, show as realized cash flows.

The table shows your forecast and realized cash flows.


You can filter by Type to only see forecast or realized cash flows. You can also sort by the Type column to see them separated within the same table.


Cash flow sources

Cash flows can have many different sources:

  • Bank statements
  • Planning data
  • Other areas of Coupa Treasury
  • Interest
  • Imported data

To see the source of the cash flow, activate the Source column.


If a cash flow originates from another area of Coupa Treasury, you can link directly to the source of the cash flow. To link to the source of a cash flow, select Details from the options menu for that cash flow.


The original deal or settlement opens in a new tab or window, depending on the source of the cash flow.

For more information, see Cash Flows in Coupa Treasury.

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