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Coupa Success Portal

Custom Views Button

The custom page view button opens the custom page views menu. Unless you have your own default view configured, it automatically shows the default view.

The custom view shows at the top of the page, in the breadcrumbs.


Sometimes, there is a blue dot next to the name of the displayed view.


This shows that something on the page has been changed since the view was loaded. For example, if you add another column to the table, the blue dot shows that you have made a change.

Custom views options

To create, edit, or delete a custom page view, click the Options button.


Save and Delete are disabled for the Coupa default view. This view cannot be changed or deleted.

To create a new custom view, select Save As.

Set as Default loads the custom view each time you navigate to the menu item.

Custom views menu


Click the name of the current view. This opens the custom views menu. The drop-down is divided into Favorites and Others.

You can favorite any custom view by clicking the star next to its name. Setting a view as default automatically adds it to Favorites. Selecting a saved view from the list automatically loads it.

Set a bookmark


Bookmarking a custom view adds it to your navigation pane under Bookmarks. This allows you to navigate to it in a single click.

To add a bookmark, open the custom views menu and select Add as bookmark.

The custom view now shows in your bookmarks menu.


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