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Bulk Actions

Some menu items in the new Coupa Treasury interface allow bulk actions. Using the bulk action functionality, you can edit multiple data sets at the same time.

Bulk actions may include Edit, Delete, Export, Print, and others. The bulk options vary for different menu items.


Bulk options



The Options button shows what options are available for individual items in a table.

Where bulk actions are available, the bulk options are all or some of the options available for individual items.

Activate one or more of the check-boxes in your table to show the available bulk options.

Bulk edit

Click the Edit button to open the bulk edit dialog. Any change made here applies to every selected item.


  • Check-boxes: All fields in the dialog are grayed out by default. To edit any field, activate the check-box for it. If you deactivate the check-box, the entry for that field reverts to the original value.
  • Different entries: When your selected items have different values, the field shows "Different entries" to warn you about changing them.
  • < none >: None of the selected items have an entry for this field.

Once you have entered your changes, click the Verify button.


After you verify, Coupa Treasury shows you how many entries can be edited. If some items cannot be edited, there is a warning. The warning explains why the items cannot be edited.

To complete your changes, click the Save button. Only the entries which can be edited are changed.

Bulk delete

After making a multiple selection, click the Delete button.


Before the deletion completes, Coupa Treasury prompts you to confirm. If there are items which cannot be deleted, the system shows that here.

To complete the deletion, click the Delete button. This action cannot be undone.

Bulk export or print



Bulk export is only available for account statements. This exports the selected files in the same format as they were entered into the system (for example, MT940).

After you click the Export button, Coupa Treasury prompts you to confirm.


If items cannot be exported, Coupa Treasury shows an error message.



Print multiple items at the same time. When you click the Print button, a new tab opens with a printable version of the selected items.


All selected items are compiled into one printable report. A print dialog opens and prompts you to confirm the details of the print job, including the output destination.

If you cancel the print job, the tab remains open. You may continue to view the report.


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