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Coupa Success Portal

Import From Excel Template

With the file upload, you can use an Excel template to add multiple data sets at once.

Download the template, fill in the required fields, and upload the data.

Download the file import template


Click the More button and select Template for Import.

The template downloads in your browser.

Enter data into the template

The template has the same fields as the entry dialog in Coupa Treasury. The mandatory fields are the same as the mandatory fields for manual entry.

For mandatory fields, consult the help page for that menu item.


Import the file  

Click the down arrow next to the New button and select Import.


This opens the Upload dialog. Drag and drop a file into the dialog or click browse to manually select a file.


After the file uploads, Coupa Treasury shows a status message. This message shows how much of the data can be imported.


Click the Import button to complete the process. A success message shows that the import was successful.


Error handling

If there are any problems with the data, Coupa Treasury shows how many records from the file can be imported.


Download the analysis result file to see the records which cannot be imported.


The Validation Status column shows which records can be imported.


Where there are errors, the column shows information about the error. Any cells with errors are highlighted.

Results reporting

After importing the file, you can download the imported result file.


The Processing Status column shows which records were created.



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