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The New tm5 Interface


1. Filters

2. Custom views button

3. Bulk actions button

4. Group and Sort buttons

5. Columns button

6. More button

7. New-Import buttons

8. Bulk action check-boxes

9. Arrow

10. Options button

11. Grouping icon

12. Group and sort menu

13. Grabber

14. Sorting icon

15. Group options menu

  • Filters
    Use filters to refine the results in your data table.
  • Custom views button
    Use custom views to automatically load filters and columns in your table.
  • Bulk Actions
    Use the bulk action functionality to edit multiple data sets at the same time.
  • Group and Sort
    Group and sort your data to make large data sets easier to manage.
  • Columns
    Add, remove, or re-order columns to control to data displayed.
  • More Button
    See and use the options for any table in tm5.
  • New and Import Buttons
    Use the file import or manual entry function to enter data.
  • Grabber
    Use the grabber to drag and drop elements in your tables.
  • Arrows
    Use the arrows to expand sections, open menus, or scroll through data sets.
  • Options Button
    Use the options button to access the tools for an item in your table.
  • Refresh Button
    Refresh the data in your table on demand.
  • Import Data
    Use the Excel template to import data easily and quickly.
  • Change Logs
    Track changes in tm5 by time and user.
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