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Unified Visibility into Supplier Diversity


CCW provides visibility into suppliers with diverse backgrounds, allowing customers to make more informed decisions when selecting suppliers. An icon reflecting a supplier's diversity type (for example, minority-owned, women-owned, veteran-owned, etc.), is visible (to users with the appropriate access rights) when:

  • Viewing supplier profile pages
  • Assigning suppliers to requisitions
  • Adding suppliers to distribution lists (for requisition broadcasts) or viewing suppliers on existing lists

For CCW customers who also use the Coupa Core platform, diversity data is synced directly from supplier records on Core.

Stand-alone CCW customers with the access rights needed to edit Supplier profiles can manually add Diversity data on a Supplier's profile.

To allow client users to see diversity icons, Admins and MSPs can assign the following access right to a User or Role: Login > Client Management > Visibility into Supplier Diversity Status.

How it Works

Users with the necessary rights can see the Diversity icon displayed next to supplier names in the areas listed below. Hover your mouse over the icon to see the supplier's specific diversity type.

  • Searches: Navigate to Supplier Relationship Management > Supplier Lookup.
    • Diversity icons display next to company names in supplier search results
    • Diversity Type column lists each type associated with the supplier
    • Search results can be filtered to only show suppliers of the type you select in the Diversity Type dropdown list
      • The number of Diverse suppliers found in a search is displayed in a key above the results


  • Profile pages: Admin users can click on a supplier name in search results, or anywhere a supplier name appears as a link to see more details about the Supplier's Diversity status. When viewing the Supplier's information, scroll to the Profile area. 
    • In the Profile area on CCW, the Diversity Type table displays details about each of the supplier's diversity designations, including the country and agency where the diversity designation was registered.
    • Stand-alone CCW customers can add Diversity data manually to a Supplier, as well as delete existing Diversity data.
      • To manually add Diversity Types, edit the Supplier profile and click Add in the Size/Diversity section.
      • Click the Trash icon to manually delete a Diversity Type.
    • For customers who also use Coupa Core, Diversity Types are automatically synced from Core. They cannot be manually added, or deleted on CCW.
      • When viewing the Supplier's profile on CCW, users with permissions to view Supplier information on Core are presented with a Click Here link to view details on the supplier's Core profile page. 


  • For CCW customers who also use Coupa Core, Supplier Diversity data that existed on CCW prior to integrating with Core is not affected when syncing with Coupa Core to pull new Diversity types. However, you can manually delete Diversity data that exists on your CCW Supplier profile but was not synced from Coupa Core.
    • Exception: If the same Diversity type added manually to your CCW Supplier record exists on the Core supplier record, it won't be synced (your manually-added record will not be affected, as described above) unless the Core record includes data in any of the following four fields (Country, Expiry Date, Agency and Description), in which case those fields will be updated on the existing record, and the record can no longer be deleted.


  • Broadcast distribution lists: Navigate to Configuration & Settings > Data Configuration > Supplier Tier Distribution List. When adding suppliers to distribution lists (for requisition broadcasts) or viewing suppliers on existing lists, diversity icons are visible as you browse the list of suppliers.


Diversity icons can help you decide which suppliers to add to a distribution list. Learn more about Supplier Tier Distribution Lists.

  • Requisitions
  • Diversity icons are visible as you search or view a list of suppliers.
    • When broadcasting a Regular Requisition and viewing the Suppliers on the distribution
    • When viewing a Requisition's Broadcast History
    • When assigning Suppliers to an Identified Candidate Requisition (on the Candidate Name tab)


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