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Unified Visibility into Supplier Health


Customers using both CCW and Coupa Risk Aware now have unified visibility into the health of the suppliers they engage. Through CCW's integration with Risk Aware, icons reflecting supplier health - as determined through intelligence gathered from thousands of sources - identify supplier companies as Best in Class, Trusted or High Risk.

These health assessments help MSPs and Program Admins make informed decisions that can ensure a project's success, while helping to continually improve supplier relationships.

Optionally, other client users also can be assigned access rights to view Risk Aware health icons, which display alongside supplier names throughout CCW, including profile pages and search results, Identified Candidate Requisitions, Supplier Tier distribution lists, and in various areas where SOW projects are managed. 

When assigning Role or User rights, navigate to Login -> Client Management and enable the right: Visibility into Supplier Health Score

Supplier Profiles and Search Results

Navigate to Supplier Relationship Mgmt > Supplier Lookup to find supplier companies within CCW. Narrow the list to only show suppliers of a specific Health type using the Supplier Health Types filter. Select Best in Class, Trusted, High Risk or Partial Ratings. Or, leave the default selection to include suppliers of all health types in your search. 


Partial Ratings refers to suppliers whose health assessment could not be fully verified at the time the search is executed; only partial data is available.

For all suppliers returned in search results where Risk Aware data exists, health icons display alongside the company names. Above the search results is a breakdown showing you how many suppliers of each health type were found in your search. If Risk Aware data is not available for a supplier, no icon is displayed. 


Risk Aware Health icons are also visible on each supplier's company record, which is accessible by clicking the supplier name. 

Click a health icon to access a Risk Aware page with more health-related details about the supplier. To learn more, please review the Risk Aware documentation

SOW Workflows

While health icons provide crucial information to help make decisions about a supplier, managers can choose to work with any supplier they like, regardless of health. To safeguard against this scenario, SOW workflows can be configured to trigger additional reviews whenever a High Risk supplier, or one with no risk score, is selected for a project. 

Navigate to Workflow Management > SOW project workflow. When creating or editing a workflow, Supplier Health Score can be added to the workflow as a condition that triggers a specific review. When adding or editing a manager or group in a workflow, select the If tab to specify the exact conditions, and follow these steps: 

  • Click Add Condition.
  • Click Condition and choose Entity.
  • Click Select and choose Supplier Health Score.
  • Select High Risk Supplier or No Risk Score in the dropdown list. Select And or Or, depending on the condition you want.
  • Choose the approver(s) that should be triggered by the new condition(s).
  • Click Update. Click Submit.


SOW Projects


Health icons are also visible on SOW requisitions. Navigate to Requisitions > Create Requisition. Select SOW Project

On the Select Supplier(s) tab, icons reflect the health assessments of the available suppliers.


If a selected supplier meets a condition that triggers a custom workflow - e.g., the supplier is High Risk - that is reflected on the Workflow tab.

On the Deliverables tab, health icons are visible when selecting a supplier for the deliverable. When saved, supplier names in the Deliverables grid reflect the health icons as well.

Project Management

Health icons are displayed throughout SOW project management areas, providing visibility into supplier health virtually anywhere suppliers can be selected or where supplier information is listed in SOW areas of CCW.

When viewing a project list, health icons appear beside the supplier(s) assigned to the project. Navigate to My Workspace > SOW Project List.


When viewing a project's details, health icons are visible in the Selected Supplier(s) section.

Health icons are visible in the Supplier column of Task Orders or CW List grids when viewing a specific project.

The Supplier point of contact (POC) page also includes health icons to help when selecting a supplier, as does the POC grid. Click Manage Supplier POC while viewing a project details.


Identified Candidate Requisitions

Health icons display next to supplier company names on the following areas of Identified Candidate Requisitions (for Staff Augmentation).

  • when assigning a supplier
  • on the Review and Submit page
  • when choosing distribution lists to receive a Broadcast
  • when viewing the Broadcast Details > Broadcast History area of the Requisition


Supplier Distribution Lists

Admin users can create tiered distribution lists of suppliers, to use when broadcasting a Requisition. Navigate to Configuration & Settings > Data configuration > Supplier Tier Distribution List. Health icons display next to supplier company names when adding suppliers to a list, or when viewing the suppliers on an existing distribution list.


CCW users and roles with the appropriate permissions can view health icons, and click the icons to access a Risk Aware page with more supplier details.