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Manage CCW Users from Coupa Core


Customers using both CCW and the Coupa Core Platform can manage their CCW users and accounts directly from the Coupa platform instead of having to use the CCW interface, allowing easier configuration and alignment with account and user management. This is a lead-up to support unified spend visibility across all of Coupa. 

Users and roles can be managed on Coupa Core under Setup > Company Setup > Users. Coupa's API or flat-file formats also may be used to create, update or deactivate users, and assign roles. For now, Coupa only supports Client users. Other user types, including MSPs, Suppliers and Contingent Workers (CWs) are still created and modified directly from CCW. 


  • Coupa Core users who need to be automatically imported to CCW need the Contingent Workforce License turned on. Users whose Contingent Workforce License is disabled are automatically deactivated from CCW.
  • Work Location is set to null in CCW. Users can select their work location when creating a requisition.


Role changes made to existing CCW Client users within Coupa Core are automatically imported to CCW - provided the user has a Contingent Workforce license, and those roles have been defined on both platforms.  

When assigning roles to new CCW users or updating role assignments of existing CCW users, the two platforms are synced up, with roles updated on CCW as follows:

Does each assigned role match a role that exists on CCW? Result
Yes The user's profile on CCW is successfully updated with each new role(s)
No, none of them do The user's profile on CCW defaults to the Engaging Manager role only
One or more match, and one or more do not

The user's profile on CCW is successfully updated with each role that matches; roles that don't match are discarded

For requirements regarding CCW roles, please work with your Coupa representative.

If there are cases where you want to manage Roles for specific users exclusively in CCW, you can prevent Role changes on Core from importing to CCW simply by enabling the Exclude from Updates... setting in the profile preferences of a CCW user. It is not recommended to enable this setting for all users, but it is available in case there is a scenario where it is needed.

  • This setting only excludes Role changes entered on Core - such as assigning additional role(s), updating existing role(s), deleting existing role(s). All other profile changes entered on Coupa Core continue to be auto-imported to CCW with this setting enabled.


Spend Approval Limits

Spend approval limits for contingent labor can be managed directly from Coupa Core. Customers who use both platforms only have to login to Coupa Core to define and update the limit on how much spend a user may approve for contingent labor requests.

Changes to spend limits are automatically synced to CCW so there is no need to re-key information. Once synced, spend approval limits are applied to approval workflows to invoke spend-based approval hierarchy whenever the estimated Total Contract Value (TCV) exceeds an individual's pre-defined spend limits.

A user's spend approval limits can be defined on Coupa Core under Setup > Company Setup > Users. Edit a user and, under Approval Limits, enter a spend approval limit for Service/Time Sheets, which represents spend associated with contingent labor requisitions, rate changes and projects.

If Next Approver is not pre-populated, enter the manager who approves requests that exceed the user's spend limits.


Click Save to have your changes synced to CCW. 

The currency selection for Service/Time Sheets does not sync to CCW. The amount entered will reflect the currency that is configured in your CCW account.

On CCW, spend approval limits are compared to the TCV for a contingent worker requisition, rate change, new project request, etc. When TCV exceeds the spend limits of the user initiating the request, the approval workflow invokes the Next Approver.

Defining and updating these Services/Time Sheet approval limits requires the "Contingent Workforce License" to be enabled. Please work with your CCW representative to configure the workflows associated with spend approval limits.


Coupa Core Platform customers also can assign contingent services spend approval limits to users via:

  • CSV import - refer to the column name, Service/Time Sheets Approval Limit.
  • API - refer to the element, work-confirmation-approval-limit.


User integration is not turned on by default. Talk to your Coupa representative if you'd like to enable it.

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