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Coupa Success Portal

Client KPI Library

The client KPI library is a repository for client created KPIs. These KPIs may be used repeatedly in multiple programs without having to re-create/define them in every program. The Client KPI Library is only available for relationship-based and enterprise performance programs.

Client KPIs can be created manually (one at a time) or imported via spreadsheet (many at a time). The process is:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab – Client KPI library.

  2. Choose a category from the list to display all associated KPIs with that category.

  3. Create KPIs manually

    1. Click New to create a KPI manually.

  4. Complete the required fields, as well as any optional fields you would like.

    1. Click Save to save the KPI.

  5. Import KPIs

    1. Click Import to upload KPIs from a spreadsheet.

  6. Browse and select the file from which you want to upload KPIs.

  7. Click Import to import the file

The newly created KPIs from the library are now available to the user when the Library button is clicked on step 3 of the program wizard. The KPIs display under the category they were created under.

Do not confuse this option with the Coupa KPI Library. The Coupa KPI Library cannot be modified by the user.

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